How To Increase WiFi Speed?

How To Increase WiFi Speed?

Dropping WiFi signals, inability to stream a particular video, or slow browsing, etc., are some difficulties when the internet connectivity is not good. If your Wi-Fi connection is not working properly, check out a few parameters by reading this article. It will help in improving the connectivity, following which you can watch videos without any distraction.

Choosing A Suitable Place For The Router

Not every place is good for the router, so choose a suitable place for the router. To begin with, you have to choose a place where there are no metal objects and other appliances that will eliminate electromagnetic waves. Metal is a suitable disrupter for connectivity, and its presence can create a large dead zone. Other elements like wood, glass, foam, plastics, and cardboard can disrupt the connection. That’s why to choose a location where none of these elements is there.

Updating The Router

Updating the router is always important as it helps in eliminating large-scale malware attacks. These attacks will help in reducing unnecessary costs for a business. If you do not update and the malware infects the router, it might spread to the entire network. Hence, updating will help in removing all viruses and malware.

Move Your Router

Strictly speaking, if the router is kept near tumble dryers, washing machines, cordless phones, televisions, and radiant heaters. If you have kept any of these appliances near the router, the connectivity will get affected. It is always better to keep in an open space to eliminate distractions.

Getting A Strong Antenna

Most WiFi comes with weak and small antennas, and many manufacturers do it to save money. Powerful antennas make strong connections, so you should go for them. A powerful and new WiFi antenna can be a suitable option to boost connectivity. Different types of antennas are there in the market, and before making a choice, you must check which will serve your purposes.

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● Switch To Another Service Provider

If the WiFi connectivity does not show any changes after a long time, you must switch to another service provider. Sometimes, there can be some problems with the service provider itself. They might not offer good antennas, which can have an impact on receiving the internet. It might also happen because too many packets might start to drive on the same line. It helps you to switch to a simple channel.

Investing On A Booster Or A WiFi Repeater

You might often need a booster or a WiFi repeater and as they are comparatively simpler devices. They will help in taking signals from the router, which will rebroadcast as a new network. It is an extension of the main network, and all data which goes through this network will pass via the main one. WiFi extenders and boosters are more or less similar and simplify the existing signals. It will help in rebroadcasting to create a second network. These boosters have a greater range compared to repeaters.

Router Capacity

Just like the router’s capacity needs to be increased, the same way you need to do it for the router if needed. You cannot expect a lower one to offer reliable wireless access to a busy organization. At times, you might need to improve the connectivity because of WiFi-connected printers, fax machines and wireless security cameras. While doing so, make sure the Wi-Fi safety is maintained.

Uses A Wireless Range Extender

While a wireless range extender might not speed up the connection, it enhances the signals of the house. Suppose your router is on the house’s second floor; you would need a wireless range extender to enhance the signal. Otherwise, because of nig physical structure or thick walls, the connectivity will get disrupted. Many people using WiFi do not realize that this reason can cause a lot of impacts. Hence, if you wish to improve the connectivity, a wireless range extender is a perfect solution.

In The End

Modern routers come with performance-enhanced features, and by opting for them, you won’t face any problem in terms of speed. Additionally, the above parameters will help in getting a better signal. Often, from which service provider you are getting, the WiFi connection also matters a lot. Therefore, you have to choose after reviewing the best one.

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