Five good reasons to use a VPN

Today, the VPN is no longer a totally obscure concept for Internet users: the number of users is growing every day, which was far from the case a few years ago. However, the technology remains unknown to a certain number of people, but faced with its growing popularity, many are wondering what a VPN is to possibly take the plunge. 

Apart from security, this type of service has many other advantages. Here are some of the main motivations of iTop VPN followers for private or professional use.

1. Safety first

The main and most important reason for using a VPN is the security function. Establishing an encrypted tunnel allows data to be transferred between your terminal and the remote site. The VPN thus eliminates any possibility of spying on your data. Even your Internet Service Provider (ISP)  has no way of accessing your data or tracking your activities.

2. Guaranteed anonymity

Another reason advanced by iTop VPN users: the guarantee of anonymity. The VPN allows its users to explore the internet from different location servers. All traffic is then redirected to and from the server. Your location remains invisible and your identity remains anonymous — even to the remote site. This anonymity also protects you from targeted cyberattacks, because no one can trace your information using your personal data. 

3. Internet without borders

The Internet offers endless sources of entertainment, information (or both) but unfortunately not all of them are accessible everywhere. On the web, most content is geo-restricted. In short: they are only accessible to users from certain geographical regions. For those who are established elsewhere, access to this content is simply denied.

With its remote servers, the VPN allows users to bypass these geo-restrictions and surf the Internet from anywhere in the world. With your VPN you will be able to visit certain websites and watch certain entertainment channels that may not be accessible in your region. 

4. Purchases and travel at preferential rates

Did you know that flight booking prices can vary depending on your location — regardless of your departure and arrival airport? Many e-commerce sites also display different public prices depending on the country. And its easy to تحميل vpn للكمبيوتر مجانا.

To counter this price discrimination, you can compare online store prices and airfares through iTop VPN servers  in different countries. Get the best promotions at unbeatable prices! Although sometimes tedious, the process could save you a lot of money. Have you heard of preferential tariffs in a given country? All you have to do is choose the server for that country: time and money saved!

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5. Enjoy safe public wifi

Most public wifi networks are free and easy to access. The problem is that their use is not without risks, judging by the data breaches and malware that are rampant there. These public networks are absolutely not safe for professional use, and even for private use.

But what to do when you’re away from home or when you live in a country where the cost of connecting to a private Internet network is exorbitant there? Public wifi is then the only solution. This is where the iTop VPN can save the day with its tunnel that protects and secures your online activities, also hiding your identity when using public wifi.

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