How long does it take to rank well on Google?

In natural referencing, we observe a very clear trend: the best results are manifested in the medium or long term. Here are our tips for long-term SEO success.

Doing natural referencing on Google is a formidable method to develop your brand awareness and find new customers on the internet. On the other hand, if you are wondering how to be well referenced, it is worth remembering that it is a process that takes time and that you will not be in first place on Google after two weeks.

How long before being referenced on Google?

That’s it, you have launched your website, and you now want to be well referenced on Google. We will not go back in this article on the importance of the 3 pillars of SEO: technique, content and notorietyWe consider here that you have created a website with an optimized technical base to allow Google to fully understand your business and to reference you as well as possible.

From there, how long before being referenced on Google? In general, we see after two to three months the first results on your website and we start to find keywords on which you are referenced on Google. Make no mistake, you will not immediately be in first place on Google.

Let’s take an example: the graph below shows you the evolution of the number of keywords on a website launched in August 2022.

Here is the evolution of its Google referencing over 4 months:

1.August 2022: the site has just been launched, it does not yet exist in the eyes of Google.
2.September 2022: Google has started crawling the site. In other words, Google robots that scan websites have found the site and how to index it. But at this point, the site only has 4 referenced keywords.
3.October 2022: There are now 44 referenced keywords. The SEO audit service of this website has been rather well done and we are starting to see results.
4.November 2022: Take off! The site now has 88 keywords, it has doubled in a month, and for the first time we have keywords positioned well enough to generate organic clicks. This means that we have the first keywords located on the first page of Google.

In the present case, it therefore took 4 months for an improvement in natural referencing SEO for Mortgage Brokers to be observed on this website which has just been created. It therefore takes time to be referenced, and this website is only at the beginning, it can still progress significantly.

Beware of the novelty effect in SEO

The novelty effect is what we call the “Boost effect at SEO BRISK, a phenomenon that we have observed dozens of times among our SEO clients.

As we have just seen in the first part, when starting a site, Google will over time refer you to an increasing number of keywords. When starting your website, Google will therefore give you the “benefit of the doubt”: you are new, it gives you a chance, and it is up to you to maintain your SEO referencingExcept that if you stop your SEO efforts there and you stop maintaining your site, you will very quickly lose your natural referencing. You will have benefited from the novelty effect for a few months, and Google will eventually cause your positions to decline, for lack of new features on your website. You have lost your relevance, you are losing your keywords and your SEO ranking.

Here is the example of an independent specialist in the automotive world:

Natural referencing.

There are 3 stages in the development of SEO here:

1.Launch of the site and take-off of SEO: the technical base and the content of this website have been carefully worked on. We see that when the website is launched, there is an increase in the number of referenced keywords, so we can think that this site will be well referenced. It benefits from its “Boost effect”.
2.Gradual loss of keywords: failing to have maintained your website well and to have published blog articles regularly or to have implemented a real SEO referencing strategy, it is clear that the referencing of the website has started a long decline.
3.Almost total loss of SEO results: the end result is ultimately inevitable, this website has lost almost all of its keywords and all of its referencing. The generation of traffic on the website has therefore completely fallen and the website, which was a place of very strong visibility for the company, has fallen back into oblivion.

We must therefore insist on the fact that to be well referenced on Google, it will take time, but above all it is necessary to STAY well referenced on Google, which is something else.

If you have implemented an SEO strategy, remember that being well referenced is not the end of the road, you will have to maintain your SEO in the long term.

have more SEO keywords

Regularly publishing new content on your website is essential to maintain your SEO ranking.

Our advice to be well referenced on Google quickly

To succeed in your natural referencing strategy and succeed in the long term, here are SEO BRISK’s tips, advice inspired by dozens of companies that we have advised on their natural referencing strategy:

1.Think natural referencing from the creation of the website: make sure that the technical base and the content are optimized for SEO, it will cost you less to think about it right away than having to redo everything later.
2.Think long-term SEO: The long-term results of SEO in terms of visibility and customer acquisition are exponential. The more you plan for the long term, the more you will see significant results thanks to your website.
3.Maintain your SEO by publishing web content or blog articles: to avoid the Boost effect and above all to constantly develop your SEO, we recommend that you continue to publish new content each month on your site. Also be sure to work on your internal networking on your content.
4.When you publish blog articles, keep in mind that these articles must be useful for your SEO: your work colleague’s last parting drink is not of much interest in the context of an SEO strategy, you must work on content that will be useful to your customers. In this regard, you can call on an agency like SEO BRISK if you want advice on web writing, for example.

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