Divorce and domestic violence in Salt Lake City: You need help

Divorces are inherently hard to deal with. The legal process in Salt Lake City can take time, and things are likely to get more complicated if your spouse is not cooperative. However, when your spouse has committed domestic violence, you have more reasons to worry. According to Utah Law, domestic violence includes any form of physical violence or harm, including the threat to do something like that. Expectedly, this is not a mild thing to ignore. If you are worried for your life or the safety of your family and children, you should meet a Salt Lake City domestic violence lawyer at the earliest.

Discussing the complex details

Some people act weirdly when their respective spouses ask for a divorce, often restoring to unlawful ways to save the marriage, including threats of domestic violence. At times, there are other underlying reasons, such as child custody battles and spousal support. No matter the circumstances, you shouldn’t have to deal with domestic violence in any form. Even a threat is a crime in Utah. Discussing the complex elements of your case gets more straightforward with an attorney. Because lawyers deal with such situations all the time, they can offer the right advice.  

Getting an emergency protective order

If you have been harmed by your spouse or believe that they will hurt you, you can ask your attorney to get you an emergency protective order. The laws in Utah offer protection in such situations. The protective order will ensure that the offender stays away from you, your property, and your family members. They cannot further threaten or harm you in any manner. The protective order may also ask the offender to surrender their weapon (if they own one) and not possess any. You may also get custody of your children for a temporary period until things are settled.

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You may assume that a protective order is not a guarantee that the other party/offender will not harm you or your family, but it certainly elevates the consequences. If your spouse or other party has been stalking you, your attorney can further get you a stalking injunction. You must understand that requests for protective orders are often rejected due to the lack of evidence and smaller mistakes. With an experienced attorney, you can mitigate the risks. The lawyer will get the protective order and make sure it is enforced accordingly.

Call a domestic violence lawyer in Utah now to know more.

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