A smart way to beat the UV rays

As the year hits December, you might consider dropping your sunglasses into the dark chambers of your cupboard. But do the effects of the UV rays also hide in the cold? 

Well, that is absolutely debatable, and what if we say that UV rays have the same effect throughout the season? 

Yes, you might plan to dump your sunglasses but will not stop the UV rays from hitting your eyes and probably causing future damage to the eyes. We have got a perfect solution for the same. 

Transition glasses- A one-stop solution for eye care need

The glasses that got you covered all around the season, transition lenses are no less than a magic trick. They look just like your normal prescription lenses when indoors, help you see, and be your constant companion. But when you step out in the sun that is when the magic happens.  

As soon as the lens gets in contact with the UV rays, these lenses get covered in a dark tint looking just like sunglasses. Tints right over your prescription lenses, completely help block the UV rays from affecting the eyes and causing any future issues such as muscular degeneration and even corneal damage. Such situations can be well handled with the help of transitions lenses

These lenses are able to adjust as per the intensity of the sunlight falling right on them, more the sunlight darker the tint, and vice versa. So even on a gloomy day, you will be having the best vision and even be protected from the UV rays. 

The best part about these glasses is that they go back to their normal prescription lenses as soon as you step indoors. 

Advantages of using transition lenses 

There are several advantages of using transitions, let us discuss the same:

  • The very first benefit of using transition lenses is that they are able to provide the best UV protection. 
  • Even if you want to ditch sunglasses, the best you can go along with the transition lenses all around the year. 
  • Another best part about them is that they are able to adjust themselves as per the intensity of the sunlight falling right on them. 
  • Apart from that, the speed back time of the glasses is super fast, so you do not have to wait till your glasses go back to regular prescription glasses. 
  • Transition lenses have their way of making you look cool all the time, a fashion-infused pick, make sure to have the best designer glasses right in your bag. 

Several styles to go for with transition lenses

As said, it is time for you to look for some of the best glasses if you are looking into the best designer glasses for your next fashion venture. 

Cat-eye pick: A pick that you would be sticking with for the years to come. The fashion upsweeps are what make it different from the rest of the glasses. A quirky and fashionable pick best suited for every attire, these glasses are exactly what you will be looking for in your next transitional move. 

Round glasses: A geeky pick you cannot go without, round glasses have the smoothest slip of all time so if you are looking to relive your cool kid era then this is your calling to do so. Take in a sweatshirt, pair them with flared pants and then carry a book with you, a perfect geeky vibe. 

Funky glasses: You might not agree with us on the same but funky glasses is something you would definitely want to check out. Going from one side round and the other square the pick would be worth every try, make sure to have your pick today. A perfect fashion accessory for transition lenses. 

Aviator lenses: The classy droopy glasses of all time, the aviator glasses have always been the chart toppers and have made sure to look amazing with every possible outfit. The denim of the glasses world will definitely make you look like sunglasses at work. 

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Varifocal lenses: Progressive pick of the industry 

The best lenses of all time, varifocal or also known as progressive lenses are best suited for the eyecare need after the ’40s. 

After a certain point of time, the eye lens starts losing its elasticity and ability to see making it difficult for one to actually see. Sometimes it can be nearsightedness and for some farsightedness and there are situations when both of them are super common. Sometimes there are chances that one can even face the issue of different refractive zones as well. 

In such a situation, one must switch to varifocal lenses, which are lenses with three refractive zones that are near, far, and intermediate. It will definitely help in providing support for near and far vision without any hindrance of division among various refractive zones. 


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