5 Reasons Why You Should Use Emojis in Business Marketing

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Emojis in Business Marketing

Emojis evolved from a simple combination of punctuation marks mimicking human expressions to becoming a global phenomenon, gaining mainstream popularity in the 2010s. Believe it or not, emojis are now recognized as one of the universal forms of digital communication today. And emojis are not limited to text or chat messaging apps because they are everywhere – printed on stickers, phone cases, and more. 

And while these little yellow faces with authentic, fun expressions may have been initially intended for personal use, they slowly made their way to business and workplace communications. For example, you may send a pizza, fish cake with swirl, and other emojis to work colleagues for food-related messages. At the same time, the OK hand, checkmark, and other emojis are used for work-related messages. But have you heard or thought of using emojis for marketing purposes?

Can Emojis Be Used for Marketing? 

It would not have been a welcome idea if somebody had thought of this when they first introduced emoji. Many companies would probably cringe because Some people would view it as unprofessional. But today, it may cost your company should you continue not using it in the long run. 

Present in email, text, and chat messaging apps, and every digital communication platform, using emojis for marketing purposes comes highly recommended in these modern times. It will help make your otherwise plain message stand out, but it will also help humanize your brand and make it more relatable to your target audience.

Reasons to Use Emojis for Marketing

Are you still having second thoughts about using emoji in business marketing? Below are some of the top reasons your company should use emojis for marketing your brand, product, and services today.


1. Give the brand personality. 

If you want to make your audience trust your brand, not only should you make sure to provide quality products and services. But also go the extra mile by humanizing your brand to make it relatable to them. To do this, you can use emojis. Want to be known as a fun and youthful brand? Use emojis. Want to be known as a witty and relatable brand? Use emojis. Not only will it help your customers connect more easily with your brand, but it will also help improve brand awareness.

2. Boosts engagement with the audience towards your brand. 

Emojis are fun and engaging. It’s no wonder it became increasingly popular for personal communications with family and friends, and eventually, work colleagues and acquaintances. But for marketing purposes? When used correctly, emojis can help drive engagement toward your brand. People can relate to you because you’re using their language too. Give that plain social media post a pop of color by adding appropriate emojis that convey the feelings or message of your brand.

3. Let’s you effectively raise awareness of the brand. 

Brand awareness is essential for the success of your business. If you want to successfully launch products and services, acquire customers, and more, you need to make sure they know your business. If you’ve been trying to reach the public but getting little to zero engagement or awareness, then it’s high time you try something different. Make your announcement more noticeable with emojis, in addition to hashtags. It helps generate a lot of buzz for your brand as you could creatively communicate with the public. Keep in mind, though, to avoid overusing emojis.

4. Helps get your message across when words fail to do so. 

A message that ends with a period and an emoji may have the same sentiment and words. However, the feelings each one conveys are different. A simple emoji (or a set of) can excite or enthrall the audience in business marketing. Remember, though, that emojis are not meant to replace words, and the proper choice of and use can help enforce the brand message you’re trying to get across.

5. It helps connect your brand to younger generations. 

If millennials are your target market, then emojis are just one of the many ways you can connect with them. While a simple smiley face can quickly grab their attention, do make sure that your company (or your marketing team) knows the meaning behind every emoji to correctly pick one that’s relevant to your brand and marketing content.

Key Takeaway

No longer considered unprofessional and inappropriate even in the business setting, emojis are here to stay. Companies that have not yet considered it are highly advised to be open to the idea of using it for marketing purposes. For the reasons stated above, it’s high time to utilize the power of these emojis in connecting with today’s generation and achieve business success.

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