Steps of Logging in to Instagram – How to Get Started?


If you have an Instagram account and you want to promote a product or service and if you want to make a statement to your customers then you will require to have an Instagram account so that you can do so. Now the question that would be arising in your mind at this point would be ‘how to login to Instagram‘. You may be wondering what steps are involved in this process. The answer to this would be very short and to the point. Just follow the instructions on how to login to Instagram and you are all set. If you are completely new to this then you need to know that there are very few things that you need to do.

Let’s Start the Process

Step one

The very first thing that you need to do is to select the default page which is known as ‘profile’ on the site. Once you have selected the default page click on start uploading’. Next, you will notice that a page of photos will appear on the right pane of your screen. Clicking on the photos option will bring you to the page where you can upload your photos.

Now after clicking on the photos option you would be asked to choose a username. Once you have chosen a username the process of uploading photos would start. The URL for the page where you upload the pictures would be the same as the user name you have chosen. You would therefore have to just enter the same URL.

Step Two

Once you have uploaded the picture you would have to click on the save button. The page for uploading is the same page where you entered the user name. Once you have clicked the save button you would be done with uploading the picture. In fact, all you need to do here is to sign in to your account.

Third step

The third step in the 3 step process is to select your picture. For that you would have to click on the’Upload’ link that appears near the top of your screen. This link is the same link that is used when you sign in to your Instagram account. Select the link and upload the image. The last step is to click on the publish button.

Fourth step

The fourth step is to choose the page where your photo is being uploaded. The page that appears in your Instagram account is the home page. To access the other pages click on the links. To access the other sections of your page click on the menu options. Once you are at the section where you can choose the category that your image fits into click on it.

Fifth step

The fifth step in the 5 step process is to upload the photo. This step can be performed either by the individual user or by the page that you have set up for the upload. For that you would have to click on the ‘apse> upload to’ link that appears in a popup on the upper right corner of your screen. There is also a link that leads to a page where you can upload the image.

Step Six

The sixth step involves clicking on the save button. Once you have done this click on the save button again. 

Step Seven

The seventh step is to copy the URL of the page that you want to share. You can do that by clicking on the ‘link to share’ link that appears in a popup on the upper right corner of your page. Now, you can share your images with anybody and everybody.

Step Eighth

The eighth step is to add a picture to your Instgram page. Click on the ‘add photo’ button and then choose the location where you want to upload your image. A pop up window will appear. Choose the upload location. Once you have selected an appropriate place all you need to do is click the upload button.

Ninth Step 

The ninth step is to select a good photograph. This is probably the most important step since the upload of your photos will determine whether your account gets approved or rejected. To get the best result it is recommended that you take multiple pictures so that you can get better images. 

Final Step

The tenth step is to choose a good username for the user name you have chosen for your Instagram Login account. This username will be required during the authentication process.

After that you have to choose your payment method. There are two ways by which you can do that: either by going to your PayPal account or by clicking on the ‘pay using’ button on the Instagram login  page. Once you are done with that you should be good to go. Your Instgram photo will now be visible for users who are logged in to Instagram.

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