The Key Difference between Lip Stick and a Lip Gloss


When we talk about makeup, lip gloss and lipstick are two favored cosmetic products. There is a never-ending list of what these products bring to the table for their users. To maintain their efficacy for a long time, lip gloss packaging is used to contain them. Which of these lip products to use is completely up to you, but do you know the real difference between them? In case you are unable to differentiate between them, you may want to read this guide.

An Overview

Both the lipstick and lip gloss is applied on the lips either to make them look glossy or preserve them from wearing out. Lip gloss always comes in the form of a soft liquid gel and tends to moisturize the lips. It makes the lips of the wearers glossy and is usually not so long-lasting. The lipstick contains wax with oils and antioxidants. The application of this cosmetic product makes the lips colorful and drier. The best part thing about this item is that it is long-lasting and fairly easy to apply as compared to the lip gloss.

Details Of Lip Gloss

Lip gloss is a shiny lip product that comes with a built-in brush to yield a subtle color and a glossy sheen. It was invented back in 1930 by the Max Factor and had several different types. The most famous of all include colored lip gloss, sparkling lip gloss, pigmented lip gloss, matte lip gloss, and lip plumping lip gloss. This product is usually preferred at nighttime or parties and is available in various shades such as a galaxy, candy pink, etc. It feels light on the lips and usually has a slippery texture.


Some of the most common ingredients used in making lip gloss include petroleum jelly and oil. It does not involve any kind of wax. Poly-butene is one of its main ingredients that are responsible for bringing shine to the lips. Other ingredients used include color additives, flavors, and some fragrances.

Pros And Cons

Lip glosses contain rich amounts of pigmentation. This goes on to protect the lips of the wearers from the sun or harmful UV light. They are very smooth and feel completely lightweight, due to which wearers face no problem while applying them. Applying it to the lipstick gives your lips an extra layer of texture. The only drawback is that it is sticky in nature, due to which some materials or hairs may get stuck to the lips.

Features Of Lipstick

Lipsticks are cosmetic products that are formulated with various pigments, oils, emollients, and wax. These ingredients are famous for providing lips texture and protection. The best part is that you can avail these items in a variety of different colors. Sheer lipstick, transfer-resistant lipstick, and forest lipstick are some of their common types.

One can easily have them in various shades like plum, blush, red, etc., and flavors as well, such as chocolate and caramel. They have a heavier texture on the lips as compared to the lip glosses and are usually thick and creamy.

Pros And Cons

The effect of these cosmetic items extends just beyond beautiful, and they provide protection to the lips as well. They protect the delicate lips from sun damage and prevent premature aging, ultra violet radiations from sun and other environmental hazards.. A range of color choices for these items means that you can match your lips with the skin tone .

They actually moisturize your lips and contain several vitamins as well to make the lips soft and supple. This gives a nice and shinning look to your lips and make them more attractive. Lipsticks tend to dry up the lips, due to which some cracks may appear. Sometimes, they are made from bad ingredients that could even cause you cancer. So, it is always better to read the ingredient list as mentioned on the lip gloss packaging. Another downside to these items is more time-consuming in their application as they need to be applied carefully.

If you want professional results from lip glosses and lipsticks packaged in lip gloss packaging, you need to understand their difference. They are similar to the extent that both tend to protect your lips, but they have different effects on your personality.

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