How to Buy Anonymous Website Hosting?

anonymous hosting

Have you ever wondered about anonymous web hosting? Thanks to anonymous hosting services, you get to host your website anonymously. Anonymous hosting offers total content privacy. No one can link your content to your true identity.

Whatever your reasons are, privacy is a fundamental human right. Everyone has the right to protect against unauthorized PII access, known as a ‘personal data breach.’ It doesn’t matter if you only need anonymous image hosting, anonymous video hosting, or anonymous web hosting. You have the right to share your content in incognito. Anonymous VPS is, so far, the best way to protect your identity and privacy.

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a hosting solution that is a middle option between shared and dedicated hosting. It provides the same features and experience as dedicated servers at a similar price as shared hosting. Some anonymous VPS providers, thanks to privacy strengthening features, provide complete anonymity for their users. These features give you the power to host your content without the need to provide any personally identifiable information (PII). Anonymous hosting providers made security and privacy a priority no.1.


  • What is Anonymous Hosting

In summary, Anonymous VPS is a hosting service that runs on solid-state drives (SSDs) and offers the same users experience as dedicated hosting. Thanks to virtualization, a physical server is split into multiple virtual layers allowing you to use all physical resources. As the opposite of shared hosting, where you might have limited bandwidth and slow site load when there’s a lot of traffic, with anonymous VPS, your resources are guaranteed whenever you need them. Each VPS plan has strictly allocated vital resources such as CPU cores, RAM, and SSD storage. With some providers, you might even configure your own VPS plan and enjoy a tremendous amount of bandwidth and storage.

Anonymous VPS provides total isolation from other users on your server. It gives you complete control over your account (i.e., root access), software extensions, remote reboots, and system restoration from backups and snapshots. Anonymous VPS is easily scalable, so once you start running out of resources, you can easily upscale your allocated resources without any downtime. Generally, it’s much more stable and faster than shared hosting with better security for everyone.

When signing up for anonymous hosting, you can forget about revealing your identity. No verification, no phone number, only e-mail is needed to keep you informed about security and maintenance updates. Whois Hosting is a tool to lookup domain ownership, nameservers, and registrar, but you are well below the radar with anonymous hosting.


  • Anonymity Provided by Bitcoin Hosting

Many anonymous hosting companies accept anonymous cryptocurrency payments for additional security so that you won’t share any information during the payment process. We call these anonymous hosting services Bitcoin hosting or Bitcoin VPS.

Bitcoin can support strong privacy even if all transactions are public, traceable, and permanently stored in the ledger. As long as your wallet identity is safe, none can back-traced your payments to you. The answer to the question How to make it harder to link individuals to their Bitcoin transactions is – always use your Bitcoin addresses only once and be careful not to disclose your addresses.


  • Offshore Hosting Jurisdiction

An undeniable advantage of anonymous hosting is its offshore location. Offshore hosting is simply a hosting solution where you host your content outside of your own country. With offshore hosting jurisdiction, you might be able to get around certain kinds of laws. DMCA takedown notices can be serious trouble for anyone using web hosting services, but offshore hosting companies ignore DMCA & copyright issues. Many anonymous hosting services have servers located in various datacenters worldwide, so you’ll get to choose your server’s location. If you’re publishing controversial content, locating your website in offshore hosting can be a helpful addition.


Anonymous VPS hosting is a reliable option as compared to cheap shared or expansive dedicated hosting. Thanks to the anonymous sign-up process and crypto payments, anonymous VPS will allow each client to maintain privacy. It’s a perfect choice for your privacy-related project. 

With its various data centers, anonymous hosting provides security, identity protection, and anonymity. Sign-up for anonymous hosting and get enterprise-grade virtual machines with high-speed bandwidth and an extra level of security and privacy. 

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