Home address vs. a virtual office

Home address vs. a virtual office

The universal language that we speak today is the internet. Most people are starting their offices and business online than ever before. The reason for a great hike in virtual office usage is that it offers unmatched flexibility, cost efficiency, and lesser risks. If you are a regular traveler or consider yourself someone who does not have a fixed location, working online is made for you. Moreover, being on the road will prevent you from making a “home-based” office. While it is true that working anywhere is a great facility, it comes with many complexities. In order to operate your business in the long run or expand it – you would need a physical location.

Having a physical address increases the credibility of your business. Your customers want to know where you are based. Believe it or not – your audience might judge you from the physical location you are based out of. In such cases, using a virtual address for LLC can be proven to be very beneficial for your business initially, as well as in the longer run.

A Virtual Office

A virtual office can also be called an online hub, where your business can get a mailing address and receive mails. You can sign up for a virtual mailbox and get your mails online through the internet by any device. You can read, delete, or reply to your emails by using the internet and being in any part of the world.  

You do not have to worry about buying an expensive office in a posh area or using your home address while risking your privacy. Here are some benefits that a virtual office can give you:

  • Physical address in a commercial location
  • A separate mailing address to maintain the confidentiality of your home address.
  • A fixed address where you can receive mail regardless of your geological location.
  •  A physical presence to your business in a location of your choice.
  •  Mail scanning service where you can get your mail scanned and read online at your convenience.

These are some of the benefits; however, there can be much more depending upon your virtual office service provider. Now, the following is a list of things a virtual office is not:

A registered agent: The benefits that a virtual office offers are nothing compared to registered agent services. A registered agent is allotted to receive your office mails and correspondence. However, with a virtual mailbox or office, you are the sole manager of your emails.  

Coworking Space: A virtual office is often confused with a coworking space. A virtual office is not exactly an “office” where you go to work daily. Instead, it is a physical address where you can register your business and receive your correspondence. Moreover, a virtual office allows you to access your mailbox digitally.

A coworking space offers you a room on a lease, which you can access daily and work. It is ideal for freelancers and independent workers who want a place from home to focus on their work. Entrepreneurs can get out of their house and work in a shared space on flexible time.

Most people make a mistake and use their home address for their business initially. Moreover, it gives out an unprofessional image of your business as your client might doubt your credibility. Do you know why you should not use your home address?

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Home address vs. virtual address

It might be fascinating for you to start a home-based business. Here is why you should use a virtual address and not your home address:

  • Control the mail flow:

When you use your home address for your business, you will be receiving many emails, including marketing, feedbacks, customer queries, etc. Your business can end up on a mailing list, and soon you will be receiving a lot of unsolicited business junk mails. Getting a virtual mailing address can help you keep a balance between your personal and your official emails. Your home can solely have emails from your closed ones, while your virtual address will have all your business-related queries.

  •  Professionalization of your business:

Every entrepreneur thinks of starting a business with possibility of expansion. Nobody starts a business thinking that it is “temporary.” Therefore, getting a virtual office for LLC will legitimate your business and give it a professional identity. It increases the possibility of expanding your business in the longer run.

  • Time-Saving:

You might have encountered a mysterious envelope that looks interesting from outside, but when you open it – it is junk! With a virtual mailbox, you can sort your emails within minutes. You can dispose of unsolicited mails and keep the important ones. Moreover, imagine if you someone who can sort out these mail for you had. You get this package when you sign up for a virtual office or a virtual mailbox.

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