Best prepaid international data sim cards for travelers

Are you planning for a long international trip? Your SIM card is more important than everything else. Yes, if you want to enjoy your trip in the real sense, then you must have the best international SIM card. It gives you the freedom to stay connected with your loved ones even during the trip, that too at reasonable prices. Also, you can use Google Maps, easy payment methods, and many more services if you have internet access. Special SIM cards also provide data and connectivity for international travelers. One of the most important things that makes them even more special is the ability to use them on a global scale.

Difference between local and global sim cards

The mistake happens when you have less information or do some work for the first time. The same thing happens with SIM cards as well. If this is your first global trip, it is important to gather as much information as possible. The information on SIM cards saves you from the wrong selection. Along with the Airalo esim card, your journey becomes blissful with better experiences.

It is human nature to get the cheapest option first. But when it comes to sim cards, you need to make up your mind before the purchase. If you have to cross many borders in a short duration, only international sim cards are the best solution.

Many service providers offer local sim cards with attractive offers and low prices. As a traveler, you need the freedom to browse, send SMS and make calls. That is not possible with local sim cards.

The biggest difference in both sim cards is their usability. If you often travel in a single country, then local sim cards can be a better solution for you. People who continue switching countries will be more satisfied with international sim cards.

One more thing that you need to know is the right place to buy global or local sim cards. If you are looking for an international sim card, check out the best online sites. Don’t trouble yourself with any other route of buying an international sim card. Local travelers have two options. You can buy it online as well as in stores. Even after arriving in any country, you can get a local sim card from that country. So decide according to your travel term and happily enjoy your international trip.

3 Best international sim cards for global travelers

International sim cards come in user-friendly sizes. They allow you to adjust according to your phone. The availability of mini, micro, and nano sizes of each sim card can easily fit in your mobile phone, tab, or other calling devices. So, order it and enjoy doorstep delivery as well. Below are some of the best international sim cards as per their specifications and suitability in different countries:

Orange holiday world

This sim card stands at the top position. It covers all countries globe wide. This prepaid travel sim card allows data to roam for 197 countries. If you compare the prices, Orange holiday world is liked by every international traveler. One thing about this sim card that can amaze you is its 250 million users. As a user of this sim card, you will get a credit of 14 days. Also, you need to know that this sim card will not allow you to make or receive calls. Orange holiday world is a data sim card. Buying this option will give you more value on data and roaming worldwide.

Below are some basic details of the Orange Holiday World sim card

  1. No need to wait for any activation of the sim card. It automatically activates as you insert it into your phone.
  2. The price of this international sim card is $49.99.
  3. Orange holiday world offers 10 GB of data for the travelers of Zone 1.
  4. It gives you an extra 5 GB of data to use in other countries of Zone 2 also.
  5. For the remaining few selected countries like Afghanistan, Cambodia, and more, you get 1 GB of data.
  6. Orange also offers 50 MB data for a few countries, which is not that much.
  7. Top-ups are available to refill your data, SMS, and call facility.

Travelers of Zone 3 and 4 may dislike the services of the sim otherwise, it is a great option.

Three UK – PAYG AIO20

This sim card offers data services in more than 70 countries around the globe. More than 130 million happy customers speak about the performance of Three UK – PAYG AIO20. Incoming calls and texts are free to use with this sim card.

For more, see the descriptions mentioned below:

  1. The price of this global sim card is $ 39.90
  2. Users will get 12 GB of data with the sim for 30 days in European countries and other countries.
  3. Incoming calls and texts are free for 22 countries. Names of those countries are Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Australia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Hong Kong, New Zealand, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Panama, Peru, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Uruguay, Indonesia, Israel, Macao, United States Virgin Islands, USA, Vietnam.
  4. Registration is not required with Three UK – PAYG AIO20 as well. Its first use automatically activates the sim card.
  5. Travelers of South and Central America love to use this sim card.


If you use data more than texts and calls, you will like Surfroam among the rest. It is data only an international sim card with access to more than 200 countries and territories. So be ready to use WhatsApp and Facebook with unlimited browning globally by using Sunfroam. The downside is that you can not make and receive calls with this sim. They offer two types of sim cards and the prices vary product-wise.

See below for the prices and other details:

  1. The price of a normal Surfroam sim card is € 15. (A credit of the same amount is included with the sim card)
  2. The price of the Surfroam e-sim card is € 20 (A credit of the same amount included with the sim card).

This is a free sim card as you get a credit of its price value with it. If you are traveling in Africa then you will love to use this sim card.

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As per the current trend, we instantly upload whatever new thing we do. Then how can you stop yourself from sharing world tour experiences? Data SIM cards give you a wonderful opportunity for social connectivity. Even if you can not make or receive calls, you can still get in touch through WhatsApp and Facebook. But we cannot ignore the importance of incoming and outgoing calls. The top sub-feature has the solution to this problem. So choose wisely to enjoy, stay connected, and keep traveling globally.

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