What are the Advantages of On Demand Interviewing?

What are the Advantages of On Demand Interviewing?

Many recruiters are switching from the traditional hiring process to an on-demand interview platform. This is largely due to advanced technology which has enabled many businesses to conduct video screening and vetting of prospective employees through special software. This type of recruiting has many advantages.

Screening many candidates at once
Hiring managers are able to vet a large number of candidates. The prospective employees will respond to questions in their free time and the recruiters can review the answers when they are free too. This process enables the company or business organisation to save time when hiring.

Prevents scenarios where candidates don’t show up
Sometimes candidates do not show up for scheduled meetings. However, through this special tech software, the candidates can answer the questions alone and submit the responses. Then, the hiring team can review the responses when they are free. Since the meeting does not have to take time at a specific time or day, the recruiters don’t have to be stressed whether some candidates will show up or not.

Recruiters can review and replay the responses
Recruiters can re-watch important parts of the video or reduce the amount of time spent reviewing the responses by fast-forwarding the irrelevant answers. They can use this tool to focus on the top candidates instead of wasting time on those you will not hire.

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You can ask many questions
There are no limits to the number of questions the hiring team can ask, so you don’t have to remove some questions from the list because of any limits.

Invest time on top candidates
You can use the software to quickly sort through the candidates and decide the ones who will go to the next level and those who won’t. You can focus on the most qualified and skilled individuals and invite them to more meetings as you near the final stages of the hiring process.

Improves the candidate experience
Your candidates will feel valued and more connected to your business if you make the hiring process easier and faster through online software recruitment tools. Moreover, when you use updated technology and tools to hire screen applicants, it shows your business is staying abreast with new technologies. Moreover, it shows you will value them in the long run as employees.

It allows your team to be flexible
Integrating technological platforms in your recruitment strategy will allow the recruitment team to manage their days. They will be able to communicate with thousands of applicants in minutes and focus on other important parts of the business. Moreover, they can schedule meetings and review the responses whenever they are free. Therefore, it will help them minimise the hiring process and maximise the time spent on other business activities.


On demand interviews are much more beneficial as it provides a better candidate experience, ability to screen many candidates at once, allows recruiters to ask as many questions as possible and saving time. The traditional hiring methods are being edged out as the new tech-savvy methods are becoming more popular every day.

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