What Is Website Tracking and Why Does It Matter?


Website tracking is an important aspect of website management. You get valuable data that can be used to customize and improve your website and marketing campaigns. Innovative solutions keep emerging in this sector, so keep up with the latest trends. Take advantage of the latest technologies that make website tracking easier, efficient and more valuable for your company. The visitor data will help you personalize the website contents to suit the demands of your target audience.

Understanding Website Tracking

It involves collecting data and information about the visitors that visit your website. The visitors are not only individual users but also businesses and devices. You can track each one of them by identifying them and tracking their activities at your website. The website tracking helps you know how each one of your visitors interact with your website, what activities they conduct here, and how to personalize the experience for future visitors.

Track Different Types of User Data

Website tracking is used to collect different types of data related to the visitors visiting the website. The IP address is the most prominent dataset you will know. It helps identify not only the location of the user but also how many people visit from a particular location. While it is possible to hide the IP address with the help of VPN and incognito browser mode, most people do not use these techniques. You will have mostly accurate IP addresses of your website users. Use website tracking to collect data related to the visitor’s browser version, operating system, screen resolution, time zone, language, installed plug-ins and more.

Understanding the Cookie

It is a small software program installed in the user’s browser. It helps track some online activities of your website users. You have to comply with the privacy laws of different countries if you want to collect this information. Use the cookie to get reports on the user’s session data, how long the visitor stays on a page, what pages the person visits, and other actions like purchases. The cookie remains in the user’s browser until removed. The user may choose to remove all cookies at the end of every browsing session.

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Why Does Website Tracking Matter?

It has lots of importance for the website owner. Knowing the profiles of your visitors helps you improve your website. You can customize its different elements to suit the requirements and preferences of your visitors. When you understand the traffic sources better, you can implement better content and marketing plans. You will know what to do to attract visitors and convert them into buyers.

The information gathered from website tracking is an important source for planning marketing campaigns. Develop better lead generation campaigns. When your visitors receive exactly what they need from your website, it leads to higher visitor satisfaction. They are likely to come back more often. You can provide them what they need only when you know their preferences. The website tracking data gives you this information.

Website tracking to monitor the activities of visitors is a standard practice on the Internet. It helps understand the requirements and preferences of your visitors. This information is used to improve the webpages, marketing campaigns and lead generation plans. A tool like Reporting Ninja helps you create different types of visitor tracking reports with just a few clicks. Deliver exactly what your clients want to see through intelligent Google analytics reporting, that your competitors will not be able to match.


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