Tips To Teach Geometry To Students With A Fun Approach In The Online Mode

Tips To Teach Geometry To Students With A Fun Approach In The Online Mode

Teaching maths lessons to students in the online mode are not as hard as it seems. In fact, explaining the mathematical concepts in online classrooms has become easier due to the availability of various online tools and innovative concepts that aid in a better understanding of the students. Geometry is something that demands a crystal clear understanding on the part of the students. After all, making a solid foundation for the students in understanding these concepts is essential for them to calculate the various figurative problems and perform the geometrical constructions accurately.

While notes, particularly maths notes, help the students in remembering the exact steps by which they can perform the constructions, the inclusivity of fun approaches will help them understand the geometrical concepts easily. Often when mere lectures may make geometry look impossible for the students, some interesting teaching approaches will help them solve their confusions.

This blog post will first look at the innovative geometry activities that teachers can initiate during the online classes and then share with you some fantastic geometry-based tools and websites that you can take help from at the time of teaching.

Top 4 Geometry-Based Activities For Students

#1: Learning The Art Of Drawing Line Segments By Using Geoboards

Geoboards are great tools to help your students learn the art of drawing line segments and the calculations involved in drawing a perpendicular line. Via the online teaching site, you can explain the various terms associated with geometry to give them a basic introduction to this new branch of mathematics.

#2: Using Relevant Online Games

There are some great geometry-based online games that you can use to make learning fun for the students. Certain tools and games offer interesting insights into the various geometrical concepts that are included in the students’ curriculum.

#3: Sharpen Students’ Skills With Geometry-Based Worksheets

Tips To Teach Geometry To Students, online teaching has maximized the scope of the learning process of the teachers. You can make your students practise geometrical sums by selecting any of the good geometry sites that come with awesome worksheets. Share the worksheet with your students and assess how well they have understood a particular concept.

#4: Using LEGO Sets To Solve The Riddles Of Geometry

Only when you will present the students with LEGO sets will they be able to exercise their logical power, do a bit of brainstorming, and exercise their critical thinking skills. You may ask your students to keep LEGO sets with them. So that they can gain a better understanding of the exact shapes. That will be present in the questions that they will deal with later. Ask them to construct a specific geometric figure within the class hours. And then show it to you by switching on their cameras. Isn’t teaching geometry online sounding way too simple?

Top 4 Websites And Tools To Help You Teach Geometry Effectively

#1: Animated Geometric Constructions

This site is a fantastic one to help your students learn about the basic constructions of geometry in an animated way. If you are teaching students of grade 5 or 6. This site is going to be a great one because they will have fun in learning these. Thanks to the rich graphics of this site.

#2: Math Mammoth Geometry Worksheets Collection

If you teach students of grades 3 to 8, this site is going to help you to a great extent. You will get a huge collection of worksheets based on various geometrical lessons such as constructions, angle finding values, calculation of area, volume, along with exercises based on the basic idea of Pythagoras Theorem. You can conduct a quick test and assign your students with home tasks by taking help from this website.

#3: RoboCompass

RoboCompass is an amazing site that features all the geometrical tools. By making use of these virtual tools, you can explain to your students the steps to construct the various angles, and geometrical shapes. Just share your screen, and demonstrate the learning procedures to your students and see them learn geometrical concepts quickly.

#4: Math Warehouse

Math Warehouse has a separate section dedicated to the branch of geometry. Here, you will get detailed lessons about the various chapters of angles, perpendiculars, shapes, triangles, quadrilaterals, polygons, and much more. This website can act as a great teaching resources. So you can use it to familarise yourself with the core ideas. And then elaborate on these to the students in the class.

Final Words

Tips To Teach Geometry To Students, geometry is fun! Just adopt the right teaching strategies and watch your students taking keen interest in learning more about this. Hopefully, the above-listed sites and tools will help you in the teaching process. All the best!

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