Why Album Cover Art is Important?

The art of designing an effective album cover is vital. Your album cover is your first impression of your work. It’s also the first image people will connect to your songs.

First impressions are the key in the process of discovering music. Your artwork usually catches anyone’s attention before they listen to your songs. Especially on digital platforms. If your album’s artwork is striking, potential customers will be more likely to listen to it.

Album cover art is also important for promoting and distributing music. The style you choose to use to display your music is another method to brand your personal brand. Your music reflects your style, just as your style reflects your brand.

Album Cover Art Best Practices

Your album’s cover art must comply with these guidelines to satisfy the requirements of the majority of large music stores as well as streaming platforms. Most distributors do not accept these standards. As a result, these guidelines provide suggestions for making high-quality artwork for album covers.

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  • Guidelines for music distribution
  • JPEG files in the format JPEG (not all music stores accept PNG as well as GIF).
  • Images shouldn’t have blurring, pixels or incorrectly aligned or suffer from any other issues with quality.
  • Include the artist’s name and title of the release. The text should be in line with the metadata and release information precisely. It is also acceptable to use images without any text. The majority of music platforms show the artist’s name and release date alongside the cover artwork.
  • The date of release or anything else that identifies a date should not be included in the text. Keep the cover art timeless.
  • There can be no references to digital service providers, record labels, web sites, or other brands on the cover art.
  • Don’t add email addresses, logos of social media URLs, email addresses or any other information about contact details.
  • Be sure to not mention pricing.
  • Album cover art should not refer to digital or physical products. This includes CDs, DVDs, as well as Digital Exclusives.
  • It is best to avoid both UPC and ISRC barcodes. These codes will be provided by your distributor or retailer. If you decide to release a second time, these codes might be changed.
  • You should not include references to items not included in the release in your cover art. For example, “included DVD” or “includes lyrics.”
  • There should be no misdirection in the cover art.

COVER Art Design Best Practices

  • The image you choose to use should be distinctive to the release. Do not apply the same image to different releases, unless the name of the artist or track/album’s name is distinct.
  • Use only authorized images. Unless you have permission to use them, do not use images that are copyright protected.
  • Take care not to use artwork that doesn’t match the music or brand. You must represent your brand’s identity and music with the font, colors, and images you choose.
  • Make sure your album cover artwork is one-inch wide. Streaming services and music stores often have small thumbnails. In other words, regardless of the size of the artwork on the cover, make sure it is attractive and easy to read.
  • Contrast should be considered. A busy background should not be overlaid with text. This makes it difficult to read, especially for thumbnails. Be sure to choose a font color that stands out in the background.
  • You should choose a font that is easy to read. Original and creative fonts can be enjoyable, but they can also be difficult to understand. Graphical representation should be clear & concise. Make sure the graphic design maker is optimized up to its potential to give you best results.
  • An album of tributes should not mislead people. Do not make the performance artist’s name more prominent than yours. Don’t even use the original artist’s photo unless you’ve been granted permission from them.
  • A little is enough. Cover art that is minimalistic in appearance is the latest trend in the electronic music world.

Designing Cover Album Art

The majority of musicians don’t have the time nor the expertise to design an album’s perfect cover design. Below are some ideas for cover art suggestions for those who are strapped for money and time, don’t have the design expertise, or looking for some inspiration.

Stock Photo Websites

Some sites offer royalty-free images that you can download and edit into album art. 

Photo Editing Websites

Online album cover maker provide all the tools that can be used to create amazing album cover art. You can also create your own unique album covers by adding your own personal touch.

Album Cover Art Design Services

Numerous design services offer low-cost artwork for album covers. Besides, Some even have a community of designers who are freelance and available for hire. 

Take a Look at Other Artists for Inspiration

If you’re trying to come up with a fresh concept for your album’s cover art Look for inspiration in others’ work. Alos, check out the covers created by the artists you admire or have the same musical style that you do. Moreover, consider how you can adapt the ideas of these artists to match your own style.


Your career as a musician can be further advanced by creating eye-catching album covers, releasing new music, gaining new fans, and gaining attention. You can follow these guidelines to make sure your artwork meets the standards of major music retailers and streaming services. Furthermore, they can help you create a compelling art piece that will attract attention and get your music heard!

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