The Best Web Tech Stacks for Your Project in 2023

web tech stacks

Businesses now understand the significance of creating web and mobile applications. However, a slow-loading or less responsive web app may annoy customers rather than attract them.

Here comes the web tech stack in the picture: The topic we are going to talk about.

What is a web tech stack?

As the name implies, a web tech stack is a stack or set of technologies that are used in developing web applications. These technologies include frameworks, programming languages, libraries, UI/UX solutions, servers, and more.

Many web developers focus on one or more tech stacks to become an expert in it and then, attract more clients.

Choosing an apt tech stack is imperative to build a functional web app with powerful features and an attractive UI. Otherwise, your business will be affected.

Let’s find out what web tech stacks are trending in 2022.

The MEAN stack

MEAN is an open-source and free tech stack. It employs three JavaScript frameworks which are Node JS (the open-source cross-platform server), Express. JS (back-end framework) and Angular JS (front-end framework) and a document-oriented NoSQL database called MongoDB.

MEAN web tech stack helps developers to create dynamic sites as well as sophisticated and responsive web apps. Mean app development can only be done using an end-to-end JavaScript framework as all three frameworks it uses are JavaScript frameworks. For this reason, it is still widely used.

Furthermore, MEAN offers high flexibility and easily available code transfer. Its constituents can easily use JSON. And they are also superb in information transfer with a royalty-free access module library.

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Benefits and uses

  1. It’s ideal to develop apps with cloud hosting features due to this stack’s adaptability and authenticity
  2. Thanks to its server configuration, its arrangement takes less time
  3. It’s useful to create calendars, location-tracking apps, spending management, news collection websites, and maps

The LAMP stack

The LAMP stack is one of the developers’ all-time favorite web tech stacks available for free. The reason is the continuous good results it’s been giving for over ten years. It is an open-source tech stack.

Moreover, it is the pioneer software stack among the open-source stacks. It consists of the Linux operating system, PHP/Perl/Python programming language, the HTTP server Apache, and database MySQL. However, now it’s a general-purpose web tech stack and you can easily swap its constituents.

Benefits and uses

  1. Web developers can easily modify and alter it as per their needs
  2. It gives excellent results on all operating systems
  3. It helps to develop websites that are pocket-friendly, adaptable, and productive

The MERN stack

Swap conventional AngularJS for React front-end framework in the MEAN stack and you get the MERN web tech stack.

This suite of software comprises React/ JavaScript/ TypeScript as a frontend framework. Node.js or Express as backend framework and Mongo DB as a database. This web tech stack gained traction because it employs ReactJS for its front-end parts and NodeJS for its backend components.

Developers know MERN as a web tech stack ideal to create performant mass-produced web apps. The reason is its frontend framework React and its efficient library that enables coding on browsers and servers at the same time.

What makes it stand out is the virtual DOM, which is utilized by the React framework to apply modifications faster. In MERN, integrated elements work together, thanks to a version of JavaScript called JSX.

MERN broadens the range of possibilities in full-stack web development in Dubai. This includes both front-end and back-end development. Big names like Uber and Netflix trust MERN for development.

In addition to that, React is known for helping in developing high-grade apps containing only one page and engaging interface. Along with a varied collection of testing softwares, its another quality is that it’s open-source, and its community supports it.

Benefits and Uses

  1. It helps in managing workflow
  2. It can be used in news collection apps
  3. It can be used to develop social media platforms

The MEVN stack

If you replace AngularJS for Vue.js as a frontend framework in the MEAN stack, you get the MEVN stack.

MEVN is an open-source suite of JavaScript software. It uses Vue/JavaScript/ TypeScript for frontend functions, Express/Node.js for backend tasks, and Mongo as a DB (Database).

Vue.js can be easily learned by even beginners. On top of that, it makes web apps perform very well. This of course is a very attractive feature which has made it win a huge number of users.

However, you need to employ external services such as Fortune Soft to add more features to it. While Angular and React still have the largest user bases, their user base has also swelled in recent years.

Highly popular sites Adobe and Facebook utilize MEVN with Vue.js as their web tech stack solution.

Uses and Benefits

  1. MEVN stack is great to build MVC (Model View Controller) applications having amplified backend engagement
  2. MEVN’s plus point is the usage of the user-friendly yet powerful framework Vue.js to develop web applications
  3. It helps in developing dynamic and sophisticated web apps

Wrapping it up

It’s important to research different popular tech stacks and their pros and cons before starting a new app development project. Finally, choose a tech stack that can meet your business’s unique requirements.

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