Smartphone Repair: Here are the Things You Need to Do and Not Do

A smartphone has made our lives easy. It is not just a device for calling other people or receiving calls from other people. Today, you can use it to run your business, pay your bills, read books, play games, click photos. So, when it stops working, you are likely to feel that your life has turned upside-down. Fortunately, a reputable service centre for smartphone repair can fix most of the issues. Once it does, you can continue using your phone without getting frustrated or anxious.      

Finding the right service centre can be difficult, as tons of shops claim that they do high-quality mobile phone repairs. You can take the help of search engines such as Google to make the right choice.

You, however, should not visit a service centre without determining its service quality. And here are a few things you need to do and not do before stepping out of your house.

When the Device Gets Damaged

Accidental damages are common. You might accidentally drop your phone in a tub of water or drop it on the ground. When it is exposed to water or other liquids, multiple parts of your phone might stop working. And, the cracked screen is what you get when your smartphone lands from a balcony of your high-rise apartment. Likely that your device, or one of its components, might not work due to wear and tear. For example, your smartphone’s aging battery will stop performing at its optimal level after a few years. You will have to get a new battery.

Here are the dos and don’ts when your device gets damaged or one of its parts stops working properly.

  • Don’t try to solve the problem yourself: You lack both experience and the tools needed to fix a problem. So do not try to solve an issue yourself by prying open the device. Your attempt to fix the problem might further damage your device. You might also kill it.
  • Don’t Charge a Wet Device: After your smartphone comes in contact with water, do not try to charge it or press its buttons. It can cause a short circuit and turn your device into a burned toast. 
  • Turn Off your Device and Wipe the Wet Surface: When you spill coffee or other cold/hot beverage on your device, turn off your device immediately.After that use a dry, lint-free cloth and wipe the water off the surface.  
  • Don’t Swipe Your Finger Across Broken Screen: You should not swipe your finger across a cracked screen, as your finger might get injured.
  • Get the Cracked Screen Replaced Soon: If you do not want further damage to your device due to moisture, dust and debris, get the damaged screen of your smartphone replaced as quickly as possible.
  • Restart or Force Restart the Device: If your smartphone has become unresponsive or its camera is not working, force-restart or restart it. You can solve a lot of smartphone issues by restarting your device.   

Look for Service Centre 

Smartphones are easy to use, but they are complicated devices. You cannot determine the exact reason that is causing the issue or do an effective fixing job. You should always take the help of professionals when you experience a problem. Equipped with the right tools and expertise, they can solve it right the first time.

Keep in mind these dos and don’ts when looking for a service centre for smartphone repair in your city.

  • Check Customer Written Positive Reviews: Before choosing a service centre, check the reviews written by others on the online review sites. Customers often present a true picture, and they rarely mince their words. If they are not happy with a service centre’s repair.  
  • Don’t Visit a Centre that Specialises in Repair of Other Brand’s Phones: If you are using an iPhone, do not visit a centre that primarily handles Android devices. It will not have the set-up or technicians to do iPhone repair. Always visit the centre that is known for the repair of your smartphone brand.
  • Confirm Centre Uses Genuine Parts: If the screen or battery of your phone needs to be replaced, visit the service centre only after confirming it uses genuine parts. They are needed for a perfect replacement job.  
  • Offers a Warranty on Repair: Service centres that offer a warranty are more likely to do top-quality repairs than those centres that do not.
  • Check How Long It Will Take to Repair: Some damages can be fixed within 24 hours, while others might take more than a day. Find a service centre that does high-quality repairs within the shortest time possible.
  • Find Out Estimated Repair Cost: You, like most of us, are likely to be cost-conscious. So, compare the estimated repair fee of a few centres. It will help you find the one that will not empty your wallet.

Follow these Dos and Don’ts after choosing a service centre.

  • Book an Appointment in Advance: You need to book an appointment in advance, especially if the centre is well-known for its top-quality smartphones repairs. It will save you from the long waiting hours at the centre.
  • Remove Case and SIM Card: Technicians do not need your SIM card and the mobile case to repair your device. So remove them before handing over your device to the centre.
  • Backup your Device: You need to back up your smartphone as, during the repair process, technicians might erase all the data.
  • Don’t be Rude: Technicians know what they need to do and how long it will take. So try not to be rude to them or try to tell them what they need to do. 

Final Words

There might be a large number of third-party service centres for smartphone repair in your city. Do not visit one without doing some research. You should ensure that a team of experienced and well-trained technicians handles your beloved device using the latest tools, and skills.

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