Serverwala’s VPS Hosting Thailand – Why should you choose it?

Has your website begun to grow? Or Does your website started acquiring VPS Hosting increasing the volume of web traffic? If this is so, then it is good news for your web business. However, now is the time for you to upgrade your web hosting service if you are still hosting your website on a shared server.  The shared server hosting is a fair option to start with when your website needs time to obtain more visitors until it becomes recognized over the web. But after your website advances, the limitations of the shared server hosting start bothering your web business. Some of the common limitations are –

  • Restriction in the usage of web resources
  • Comparatively less security
  • Inability in handling a considerable amount of traffic
  • More chances of frequent downtime, etc.

So, when it comes to upgrading your shared server hosting, VPS Hosting Thailand is the most affordable and ideal solution. It is because the virtual private server (VPS) enables you to overcome all the constraints that come with a shared server. Also, VPS Hosting Thailand renders the various benefits of the dedicated server hosting without having to purchase the entire server for the same. In this article, let us first make you comprehend how it is so!

Know About VPS Hosting Thailand

Thailand VPS provides a dedicated environment for hosting your website. It is based on virtualization technology. The physical server is partitioned into multiple virtual private servers with the help of ‘Hypervisor’ software.

Each VPS gets assigned to the individual user. You get the dedicated resources and an independent, isolated hosting platform with the VPS. Moreover, the following are some of the significant privileges that you can acquire from virtual private server hosting –

  • Dedicated IP address
  • High-level data security
  • Server customization power
  • Server root access
  • High availability of web resources

With the emerging demand for VPS hosting services, numerous companies launch hosting plans every now and then. So, to make your choice easier and perfect, we are next introducing you to the industry-leading hosting company providing the best VPS hosting  Thailand- Serverwala.

Serverwala: Introduction and History

Serverwala is among the top-notch and highly renowned hosting companies globally. It has achieved many awards for rendering the leading VPS hosting services at the cheapest rates. The company aims to accommodate all the data centers demands of its customers while making them successful in running their business smoothly. You will gain the support of top-tier equipment with resilient and modern technology. Consequently, your website will have seamless performance with robust hardware tools. Check out in the subsequent sections the plans and features of the company’s cheap VPS in Thailand.

VPS Thailand Plan and Packages

You can have a diverse range of highly scalable and flexible plans for VPS Hosting Thailand with the Serverwala. You can easily and quickly scale up the resources with each plan or upgrade the plan itself as per your web business demands. Moreover, you also have the chance of acquiring the fully managed virtual private server hosting package in case you do not have time or technical expertise for handling and running the server. Further, the company assures security-as-a-service with both managed and unmanaged hosting VPS packages by rendering advanced data security.

Key Features of Thailand VPS

Full Root Access

With the Serverwala VPS hosting Thailand, you will get complete root control of your server without having to face any restraints. Thus, you will be able to run the compatible OS, required applications, software, and programs depending upon your website’s needs.

DDoS Protection

The company will render you the virtual private server with ultra-secure firewalls and various high-level security measures. This will help you to secure your data from DDoS attacks and other security threats. Also, your system will have the ability to catch any incoming malicious perils while executing safeguards automatically t secure your website’s data completely.

1 GBPS Network Speed

You will acquire the ultimate connectivity of 1 GBPS network speed with the company’s VPS hosting Thailand for your website. Your website will be bound to operate at twenty times faster speed along with secure connections.

Monthly 30 TB Data Transfer

Your website will acquire unlimited bandwidth with the Serverwala virtual private server hosting for accomplishing its needs. The company will provide the allowance of up to 30 TB monthly data transfer rate with the hosting plans.

99.99% Uptime Network

You will get the assurance of the 100% uptime network with all the plans and packages of VPS hosting in Thailand. The company will deliver redundant power with the high-tech network flexibility to let your website achieve the highest uptime and no downtime.

Self Service Portal

You will also have the self-service portal that provides full control panel options for performing varied operations at a time. Thus, you will be able to host your website at high efficiency with the possibility of executing multiple functionalities simultaneously.

What their customers say about them?

Obtaining feedback from the customers of the company helps to have an insightful idea about the standard of hosting services. Also, you get the confirmation if you are picking the right web hosting service from a reliable hosting provider or not. Thus, here we have mentioned the customers’ feedback for the Serverwala VPS hosting Thailand to make your task easier.

The End Point

The virtual private server gives you enough flexibility to host your website as you desire. Moreover, with the Serverwala hosting company, you will have 24/7/365 technical support from certified and experienced experts with all the plans of VPS hosting. You will have instant response and quick solutions for the issues you might face before your website crashes. Peep into the official website of the company to acquire further details about its VPS hosting facilities and services.

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