How to Search Old Tweets by Date and User

how to find old tweets

Do you want to find your old tweets? Do you want to know what your first tweet was? If that’s the case then let us tell you that searching for old tweets randomly can be a tiring job. So, let us help you to search old tweets.

In this written blog, we have given different methods through which you can find your old and lost tweets. Manually scrolling on your Twitter profile to look for old tweets is not the right way to go.

Note: While on Twitter you can only look up your 3200 tweets. Tweets older than that will not be on your timeline which means you can’t search them.

1. Advanced Search on Twitter

Rather than looking for third-party tools, let’s first try twitter’s tool to look for old tweets. So that the next time you are stuck on the question: how to search your own tweets, you also have an answer with you. 

  • Log in to your Twitter account and open ‘Twitter’s Advanced Search page.
  • From the different subheadings present, look for Accounts. 
  • Search for ‘from these accounts’ under the above subheading.
  • In the field given enter the username of the Twitter account whose tweets you want to find. Remember, the username should be without @.
  • Now you will see the date’s column. Type the time period from the start to the end for a search. 
  • The last step is to hit on the search button. 
  • Twitter will display all the tweets of that account from the given time period.

This is how to search tweets by date. But if you want to look for a specific tweet, then you can also add words from that particular tweet. Some of the functions of the Twitter Advanced Search are:

All of these Words: this feature will look for all the words that you have entered. For ex: if you typed ‘Something’s happening, then Twitter will look for both Something and Happening. 

This Exact Phrase: as the title says this feature will look for the exact phrase that you have entered. If you typed ‘Golden Hour’, then it will look for that particular saying. 

These Hashtags: this should be very easy. Just enter the hashtag if you remember and twitter will present you with all the tweets with the same hashtag.

2. Hacking Twitter Advanced Search

You can also use twitter search operators to explore your old tweets. You can find these search operators on the twitter search bar. This is a short method to find your old tweets. You can find twitter Search operators in the Twitter Advanced Search page.

You can find three search operators: From, until and since. Using this method can be helpful if you are wondering how to find old tweets.

  • If you wish to find tweets by a specific account then type ‘using from:username’

This will give you all the tweets from that Twitter account.

  • If you have a date then you can use this: ‘Using since:yyyy-mm-dd’.

Twitter will give you all the tweets from the given date. 

With this method, you will be able to find the old tweets you have been looking for. 

You can use these search operators individually as well as in a combined way. To use them in a combined way type like this:

‘From:username since:yyyy-mm-dd until:yyyy-mm-dd’

The results with this method will be the same as derived from the first one but this process generally takes less effort. 

3. Request a complete Archive of your Twitter account

Simply follow the given steps to get the archive of every one of your tweets. 

  •  Go to your Twitter account settings 
  • Presently in the Account tab, observe the Data and consents subheading. Under that snap on your Twitter information. 
  • In Your Twitter information, Under the Download document, enter your secret phrase and affirm. Twitter will set up your information to download. 
  • It might require a few minutes,, hours or days to download the information. All rely upon the amount it is. At the point when your information is prepared, you get the notice on your Twitter account email or a pop-up message. When you get that simply visit again and download your information. 
  • You will get a .compress record of every one of your exercises and old tweets. When you open the compressed document you get two records, one as index.html and the other as tweets.csv. 

Presently it is possible that you can open the index.html record in the program and track down your tweets. 

Or then again you can open the tweets.csv document and channel it to track down your tweets.

You can also use the site – Ityug247 if you want to know more about the ways to find your old tweets. 


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