How to help your loved ones get started with the internet?


The internet has revolutionised the lives of people today. People of all ages are using the internet for various purposes. If your loved ones have not yet started using the internet, it is time to get started. Older people are not very comfortable using the internet, since they are not very technology-savvy. That doesn’t mean they can’t learn.

Learning how to use the internet is not at all difficult. People of any age can start using the internet with just a little help. If you have loved ones at home who don’t know how to use the internet, it is time you offer them a little help. We have some tips to help your loved ones get started using the internet.

Tips to get started using the internet

1) Do a course

The best way to learn how to use the internet is by doing a course. Your loved ones can learn an introduction to digital skills by doing an online program. This introductory course is meant for anyone willing to learn. Apart from learning the basics, they can also pick up advanced concepts relevant for today like the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.

2) First convince them

Even before they decide to start learning, they may need a bit of persuasion. Some people believe that they don’t need to learn about the internet. Then, there are others who believe they are too old to learn. For such people, you need to first point out how wrong they are. Tell them about all the benefits of the internet.

Demonstrate how the interneta can help them in their daily lives. Show how to communicate with their loved ones using the internets. When they understand the benefits, then they would be motivated to learn. That’s when you need to tell them that there is no age bar to get started using the internets. Let them know how people of all ages are effectively using the internets. That should motivate them to get started.

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3) Show them how to do it

The best way to help people learn is by showing them how to do it. You need to hand hold them through the process. This calls for a lot of patience. Remember that when you are young, your parents patiently helped you learn. It is now time for you to repay the debt. Sit with your parents or others who want to learn. Show them how to access the internets and use it effectively.

4) Get them the resources

Before starting, they need all the resources to access the internet. If they are comfortably using a computer, you may need an internets connection. If they prefer using a mobile phone, you need to give them a phone with a large screen that is comfortable to use. The phone needs to have internet connectivity and all the software needed.

5) Help them practice

The best way to learn is through practice. Help them practice by giving them things to do on the internets. Guide them, so they don’t get motivated. As they start practising each day, they will learn quickly and soon become pros.

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