How to Fix Godaddy Email Problems?


Are you having GoDaddy email problems? Do your emails always show up on the Junk or Spam folders even when you have set them as Your Own Domain Name (you own it, you own it now!) Then maybe it’s time to learn how to fix GoDaddy email problems. If you don’t know how to fix GoDaddy email problems it’s because every time you request an email, it’s probably being sent to a fake email address. The servers are always working, but the software that is used to provide email services to people out there is old and out of date.

There are two things going on here. Either the email service provider is seeing the same requests for the same email address over again, but is having to allocate resources to handle them, or they are busy and can’t provide the email service to you as often. There are good reasons to switch to a new email service provider, and these reasons don’t depend on whether or not you get an email not working. There are just as many reasons for getting a GoDaddy email not working as there are reasons for getting a GoDaddy email service working.

Main Causes of GoDaddy Email Problems

An email not working in the GoDaddy mail server might be because of a server problem. A lot of the problems in email services happen because users aren’t installing the right programs to make their email easier to access. Your GoDaddy email doesn’t receive messages from people you want to send, because the settings are configure to send messages to non-existent addresses. In order for GoDaddy to send you messages, you need to configure your email client to allow IMAP, POP3, or SMTP to work with your mail server.

Most people know how to configure their email client to get messages to their mail servers, and setting up GoDaddy is easy. If you’re not familiar with GoDaddy, it’s a web hosting company that offers many different types of web hosting solutions. They provide a way for people to host their own website, even if they don’t have the know-how for creating a site. You sign up for a free GoDaddy account, download some files, and start building your site. When you’re finish, you just point a browser to your site and send an email to all your customers.

  • Slow internet causing this issue

One problem that can cause your GoDaddy email not to work is a slow Internet connection. When you’re dealing with email, speed is vitally important. Even if you’re sending a relatively simple message, you don’t want to waste your customer’s time waiting for the message to go through. If you’re constantly having to click back and reload your page, your prospects will see you as non-professional and you will lose their trust.

  • Sending too many Messages

Another problem is that you might be sending too many messages to your customers. The more information you send out, the less likely it is that anyone will read it. When you hit the send button, make sure it says something like “to” rather than just “to.” That makes it less likely to be block by filters.

Finally, the reason why your GoDaddy email does not work could be because you don’t have the right subject line in the first place. It might say something like “from”, which means it’s a threat. You need to tell the recipient who you are and what you want them to do. Don’t just include the link in the subject line. Tell them to click on the link if they want to learn more. Or tell them to go to your website in order to find out more about what you offer.

What to Do If Your GoDaddy Email Has Been Hacked?

if your GoDaddy account’s security is Hack or compromise, then don’t get hard on yourself, Just change all of your information in it to prevent others from regaining access. And also you can try these following steps :

  1. Set your GoDaddy’s email to Ssl mode.
  2. Add your GoDaddy’s websites domain to your approved(trusted sites list).
  3. Regularly update server and software.
  4. Add multiple layers of security.


If you’re still wondering how to fix an email not working for you, it’s time to do something about it. Chances are, it’s more in your head than anything else. To get rid of it for good, you need to address the issue that’s making it not work in the first place. By doing that, you can finally rest easy that your email doesn’t keep messing up your life.

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