How to Choose Right HGH Clinic in Texas

How to Choose Right HGH Clinic in Texas

All living things have hormones that stimulate cell growth and maintain the proper functions of internal organs. The human growth hormone is most active when you are young and declines as you age. We shall look at human growth hormone deficiency and its meaning for the human body.

What is HGH Deficiency?

The pituitary gland produces the growth hormone (GH) and is most active in children and adolescents. A lack of sufficient growth hormone brings about human growth hormone deficiency. There are cases where HGH deficiency can be congenital or developed later on in life as the pituitary glands produce it less over time. In some cases, the low GH levels can be linked to the low production of other hormones such as thyroid and gonadotropin hormones.

Risk factors of Growth Hormone Deficiency

Many causes may increase the risk factor of growth hormone deficiencies. These are;

  • Head Trauma and Infections

Infections such as toxoplasmosis and meningitis will impact the growth hormone, especially in children. Head trauma may disrupt the pituitary gland and lead to growth hormone deficiencies, especially before and during delivery. Some studies have shown that some children who suffer from meningitis will still experience pituitary deficiencies a few years after recovery. Some other pituitary infections that increase the risk of this deficiency include Cushing’s syndrome, syphilis, HIV infection, tuberculosis, and diabetes mellitus.

  • Cancer Treatment

As part of cancer treatment, doctors may decide to include chemotherapy and radiation therapy if the radiation field touches on the pituitary glands. It may cause a growth hormone deficiency.

  • Tumor in the hypothalamus

Some tumors, such as choriocarcinomas and germinomas in children and young adults, affect the pituitary glands. Even though these types of cancers can grow into the pituitary gland and affect growth hormone production. In adults, the pituitary glands’ cancers are gangliocytomas, pituitary carcinomas, and other cancers that may develop elsewhere and become secondary to the pituitary glands. Adults and children who suffer from any of the aforementioned tumors are at a greater risk of this deficiency.

  • Genetic

Genetic mutations that may lead to missing DNA in children make them more susceptible to having insufficient growth hormones. Different genetic anomalies affect the pituitary glands differently, such that there is a complete lack or little production of the growth hormone.

Growth Hormone Deficiency in seniors and a child

Insufficient growth hormone production can occur in children and adults as well. The most significant indicator of a child with growth hormone deficiency is not meeting the weight and height growth standards. While rare in adults, lack of enough growth hormone can cause low metabolism and affect the body’s structure.

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Symptoms and Diagnosis

Some of the most common telltale signs of lack of adequate growth hormones in adults include;

  • There is lesser bone density that makes the bones prone to fractures
  • You may become more sensitive to heat and cold
  • You are likely to feel more fatigue
  • Heightened disposition to depression and anxiety
  • Changes in your cholesterol
  • Higher fat deposits, especially around the waist
  • You may experience less endurance when doing physical exercises
  • Lower levels of libido
  • Increase in loneliness and isolation from others
  • Lesser muscles that lead to a lean body structure

These changes can be attributed to high levels of triglycerides and low-density lipoproteins, both of which are controlled by the pituitary glands. 

HGH clinics in Texas

To counter the effects of a decline in growth hormone production, you may want to try hormone therapy. This therapy entails injecting a synthetic lab-made human growth hormone as prescribed by an endocrinologist. The doctor will take you through a series of lab tests to determine your eligibility for hormone treatment therapy. The doctor will usually take into account your health history, age, and tolerance for the treatment. If you qualify for the treatment, you will be taught to inject yourself daily, which is relatively easy and painless. 

You will need to go for routine monthly checks where the doctor will determine whether to increase, decrease or stop the treatment. One of the notable changes for children is a height gain of about four inches for the first three years after the therapy starts. There should be changes in energy levels, reduced wrinkles, reduction in body fat, and increased stamina in adults. Some rare but possible side effects of the growth hormone therapy include headaches, foot swelling, and joint aches. It would be best to alert your doctor if you experience any of the side effects. This treatment is not an option for people with diabetes and various cancers. Some HGH clinic in Texas is one of the best options, but as alternatives, you may check Dallas Anti-Aging and Wellness, Global Life Rejuvenation and Richardson Pain and Wellness.

How to buy HGH

You will need a prescription from your endocrinologist to buy HGH as it is not sold as an over-the-counter medication. There are many benefits to receiving the growth hormone injection, and one of the major ones is to improve quality of life. Always check with your doctor if you are eligible and purchase the hormone medication from a licensed pharmacist.

Disclaimer: The information presented in this post is for informative purposes only. Hormone therapy prescribing only by a medical practitioner.

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