Tips for choosing a shower cream for beautiful and healthy skin

Tips for choosing a shower cream for beautiful and healthy skin

Shower cream is an indispensable item. But many people may ignore and think that any shower cream is the same. Choosing the right shower cream for your skin is very important. Because choosing the right shower cream can help keep your skin healthy and strong. At the same time, if choosing a shower cream that is not suitable for your skin type, it may cause skin problems.

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The main component of the shower cream is Surfactants that help reduce the adhesion of dirt on the skin, including dust, sweat, oil, chemicals and germs. Shower creams often contain other ingredients, such as fragrances, moisturizers, skin conditioners, antiseptics, colorants, and preservatives. This article will take you to see the advantages of shower creams and how to use them for healthy skin.

Benefits of shower cream that you may never know.

In addition to cleaning properties Shower creams also have advantages that may not have been noticed before, such as

Shower cream provides more moisture to the skin.

If you are dealing with dry, tight, peeling and flaky skin during the day or after showering, You might be better off using a shower cream than a bar of soap. Because shower creams tend to contain more moisturizers or moisturizing agents than bar soaps. This will help coat and lock moisture in the skin. It reduces the evaporation of water in the skin layer. And some moisturizers also help protect the skin and reduce irritation. Using a shower cream may help prevent and reduce skin dryness after a shower.

Skin hydration doesn’t just mean oiliness or oiliness. but also refers to the water in the surface layer Sometimes the lack of moisture in the skin can lead to the skin producing more oil. And most reports show that people with hydrated skin are at a lower risk of developing skin problems than those with dehydrated skin, so choosing the right moisturizing shower cream is not a concern for dry skinned people. only But it’s about everyone who wants to have beautiful and healthy skin. For people with oily skin types, a regular shower cream that doesn’t contain rich moisturizers may not make your skin more oily.

However, some formulas and brands of shower creams may also contain substances that dry out your skin further. such as highly concentrated surfactants, perfumes, alcohol and disinfectants. which not only makes your skin dry But it may cause skin imbalance and skin problems with long term use.

Shower cream may help nourish the skin.

Shower cream contains skin nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. natural extracts and other skin nourishing substances, some of which may increase the strength of the skin, reduce skin problems, and help the skin look better. But should choose the one that best suits your skin problem or skin condition.

People with sensitive and irritated skin may consider using a shower cream that contains Shea Butter and Oatmeal to soothe and reduce inflammation. Irritated too But if you have dull skin problems, you may choose to use a shower cream that contains exfoliating agents like AHA and Salicylic Acid, which helps to get rid of old skin cells.

On the other hand, some substances can cause allergic reactions, irritation, or other negative effects that vary from person to person. May make the risk of irritation more than the benefit. or some people do not have sensitive skin But using high concentrations of exfoliants or using them too often can make your skin more damaged and weak.

However, there may be only a small amount of the nourishing substances in the shower cream, so you should not use the shower cream for the purpose of solving skin problems. If you have skin problems, you should see a doctor. to detect and find appropriate treatment

Tips for using shower cream

Choosing and using the following shower creams may help strengthen your skin and reduce skin problems.

– Choose a shower cream that is suitable for your skin type, such as a concentrated moisturizer shower cream for dry skin. Shower cream specially formulated for oily skin and exercise people. This will help get rid of excess sebum but also retain moisture in the skin, for example.

– Choose a shower cream that is free from irritants or has low irritation. Whether it’s perfume, alcohol, color, preservatives and other substances that may cause allergic reactions.

– Should avoid shower creams mixed with disinfectants Especially triclosan (Triclosan) because scientific data indicates that These substances may be unnecessary and may increase the risk of certain skin problems when used continuously.

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– Choose a shower cream that has safety standards. And avoid buying shower creams that are exaggerated.

– Avoid taking very hot baths and taking too long baths. Because it can cause dry and weak skin.

– Using a body scrub along with shower cream may help exfoliate the skin and help remove more dirt. But should exert proper scrubbing and not scrub too often.

– Use a clean, dry towel to blot your skin after every shower.

Shower cream is a safe product that can be used safely. but if abnormal symptoms are found Such as dry skin, tightness, peeling, rashes, redness and irritation after use. Especially when changing the brand or new formula of shower cream. should stop using immediately These symptoms may be signs that your skin may not be compatible with some of the ingredients in that brand of shower gel. For people with sensitive skin and people with skin diseases. You should consult a dermatologist about how to choose the right shower cream. to other skin care products to reduce the risk of side effects from using

Shower creams are just part of your skin care routine for beautiful and healthy skin. Should opt for other skin care products such as moisturizing products. and sunscreen It’s also a good idea to choose a safe and reliable product. Just this may help your skin to be beautiful and healthy.


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