How to Become a Tableau Certified Analyst?


Tableau has become one of the world’s most popular business intelligence and data analytics platforms with over 57,000 customer accounts. It has powerful data revelation and visualizing capabilities that enable customers to answer data-related questions. The drag-and-drop interface of Tableau allows you to easily visualize any data, explore divergent perspectives, and even incorporate various databases. Tableau Analysts are in high demand, given the fact that the company’s analytic software client base is accessible through various means of communication. Tableau, as you may be aware, connects to hundreds of data sources and is available on-premises or in the cloud. Users can also visualize and exchange information with Tableau Public using the company’s embedded advanced analytics.

Data analytics becomes manifolds faster with Tableau tools. The visualizations created are in the form of dashboards and worksheets. As mentioned already, it doesn’t require any technical or any kind of programming skills to operate. The tool has piqued the interest of people from all walks of life, including businesses, researchers, and multinational corporations. Many people aspire to be Tableau certified experts. In this post, we delves deeper to assist our readers to Tableau certified Analysts.

What is Tableau Analyst certification?

A Tableau Data Analyst assists interested consultants in starting a company or running a business by analyzing the business problem, recognizing data for analysis, and providing advanced insights. Analyst enables users to easily observe and process data, as well as quickly notice and exchange ideas. Given how widely it is used in a variety of industries, obtaining a Tableau analyst certification will undoubtedly help you stand out. You can pursue business analyst, data analyst certification programs as well as business analytics nanodegree via Tableau.

Why you should become Tableau Certified Analyst?

So, if you’re a Data Analyst who has worked briefly with Microsoft Excel, obtaining a Tableau certification will advance your career. Becoming a Tableau certified Analyst will assist you in understanding and resolving data issues using pre-programmed software. It is both simple to learn and simple to use. It quickly converts a raw set of data into a readable form without source code or technical expertise. Tableau has become a BI industry popular choice due to its performance, simplicity, and visually striking figures. Being a Tableau analyst certified adds immense potential to your skills and profession.

Given that the human brain comprehends interesting patterns better than facts and figures or conferences. Tableau Analysts understand relevant data in order to gain valuable insights and metrics to represent the data and information and provide a visual display for all parties involved. With the help of Tableau, you can help your organization grow by understanding data and learning to make data-driven decisions for the growth of their organizations. Furthermore, the opportunity for a higher salary as well as a rewarding career for certified Tableau analysts is nothing short of a dream come true. Earn a lot of money while working in a field that is in high demand all over the world!

How to become Tableau Certified Analyst?

Tableau analysts are employed in a variety of industries for data analysis and visualization. As a result, in addition to technical credentials such as a bachelor’s degree in information technology (IT) or data science, you must have work experience or knowledge of the industry concerning analytics. If you work for a tech firm, for example, you must have a solid understanding of how data collection and analysis work in a given technical project. Prior experience in another firm or company with maximum analytical exposure will be highly advantageous. According to ziprecruiter, Tableau is also used in marketing and sales, consultancy services, and human resource management.

As per Tableau, to become a Tableau certified analyst you’ll need to take the Tableau data analyst exam invigilated by Tableau itself. There are no prerequisites for taking this exam. all of you possess different learning styles, so everyone’s utilization of Tableau differs constantly. Suggestions for learning resources and gaining product experience are beneficial resources, not requirements. The certification exam costs $199 in beta mode, with a $25 postponing fee. According to Tableau’s official test-taking site, the exam will last 150 minutes (including 3 minutes to review and agree to the NDA). Your certification will be valid for two years, after which you will be able to take another analyst certification exam. Candidates with at least 6 months of experience are highly allowed to pursue this certification.


What are your responsibilities as a Tableau Certified Analyst?

As a tableau analyst, your responsibilities include implementing, maintaining, and troubleshooting analytics software as well as deriving key insights from tableau’s visual or data analysis. You will also be responsible for debugging system issues and collaborating with end-users to incorporate updates and prepare them on how to use Tableau analytics tools as well as visualizations. You also conduct extensive research and create visualizations to showcase insights and make recommendations on how to improve efficiency or principal component analysis in underlying data collected by a company or organization.

Data analytics literacy is something that every analyst should be aware of. As analysts, you must investigate data sets, address questions, and provide guidance based on viewpoints. You should learn to be an expert in data testing techniques. You must be well-aware in everything from simple A/B testing to developing models that fit and describe your data to ANOVA and hypothesis diagnostics. Analysts must understand various following operating systems and retention capacity, as well as how to catalyze large datasets using concepts such as indexes, combined relationships, and dimensions such as ANSI SQL data querying.

As a result, you must have a solid understanding of computational and scientific concepts.


Leading analysts today understand what does it mean to answer the most standard business doubts. Hone your skills and become a certified analyst to flex the best practices in demand.  Chroma effects and applying them to predicate vs. statistical information, design, as well as converting text into readable format accompaniment will be your primary concerns as you strive to constantly optimize and streamline your career as a Tableau certified analyst.


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