How to Recall Email in Outlook?

How to recall email in Outlook? You are good to go. Here I am going to show you how to recall email in Outlook. Before starting, make sure you have turned the Auto Responder to “on”. This is very important so you will not have any problems while sending out multiple messages and getting them delivered in real time.

Users with a Outlook account have access to a variety of features and perks, including the ability to search numerous mailboxes, enhanced security, and the capacity to recall or even replace an email message. When you recall an email, it is recover from the inboxes of recipients who have not yet opened it.

Best Ways to Recall Email in Outlook

Launch MS Outlook and go into the Sent Items folder. Then,  click on the message tab and click next until you are in the Add Directory. On the right hand side you will see a “Recall” link which is the link for the message that you want to recall. You can easily replace a message with a preset or custom message if you like.

After clicking on the “Recall” link; you will see a message box where you can enter the details of the person you want to recall. For example, you can enter his full name or just his first name and last name. You can also choose separate recipients like a class, department, group, team etc. If you choose a group, you can add members from that group to your email client and tell your email client to send the same message to each of them as a reminder.

The next step is to launch your email client and view the ” MSG ” mailbox. In the message tab you will see the items that were sent to your Outlook account such as attachments, auto-responders, and drafts. If you click on the “sent items folder” you will open the sent items folder in your email client. There you will find the files and folders that were sent by the recipient.

How to Find Message

You can find a message tab in the sent items folder that will allow you to click and open the sent email. Now you can view the file and view who it was intended for and who the recipient is. If you have added any email to your auto-responder or Outlook account; you will be able to see it in the sent items folder. To recall an email in Outlook, you need to double-click the sent email in the message tab and follow the instructions.

The fourth step is to go to the ” Account Settings ” menu and click on “Recall Favourites”. You will see a message stating that you have selected a favourite and click on ” Replace”. The following page will show a message saying that you are to confirm whether you want to recall this email and send it or replace it. Click on ” Replace” and you will ask to enter the name of the person whom you wish to send the message to and the address of the recipient.

Recall Favourite

The fifth step is to click on “Recall Favourites” again and you will find the names of the persons whom you had wanted to send the message to. Now you can choose to send the message as is or give the recipient a change to make it personal. You will ask to enter the new contact details; you will ask to confirm whether you want to replace the email client with the recipient’s original email client. When you click on “OK”, Outlook will show the new contact details; you will ask to confirm whether you want to include a brief note to indicate that the change was made as a personalis message.

The sixth and final step is to click on “Yes” when prompted for confirmation. This will cause Outlook to send an email to the original email client and display the personalised message. Your Outlook 365 account will have been successfully set up; all your original messages will sent to the mailboxes indicated in your account. Your personalis calendar and mail boxes will synchronized between Outlook and your email client; which will enable you to manage your business calendar and receive important mails easily. 

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