Current issues facing by education sector

Current issues facing by education sector

The education sector is facing a large pool of problems, especially after the pandemic, the issues of the education sector have increased. Now in the present times the along with the previous issues, new problems are also arising. Here are the current issues that the education sector of the world is facing in the current times.

Distance learning:

Distance learning has become more popular after coronavirus because due to the pandemic. Almost all of the educational institutions all around the world closed during the month of March. Which caused huge academic loss and at that time when no one knows that how long will this lockdown or pandemic lasts the educational institutions. Search for a substitute to continue the process of education and the best option they found was distance learning.

In this method, students learn while sitting at their homes with the help of technology. But the real issue is that the students who are used to learning in the classroom where the teacher is present. Answering their question, preparing activities for them are not possible in distance learning. Along with some online sessions, students are provided documents to read, videos to watch, and slides to go through them and learn from them. Which, with time, has become difficult for the students to understand and learn through them.

Another important thing is the environment. The environment of learning that a student finds in school and classroom is impossible to create at home. In distance learning, there are so many distractions around the students which grab their attention and make it difficult for them to focus and concentrate on their studies. And as a result, the academic performance and learning of students are continuously falling. Because when they do not learn, they cannot complete their tasks and assignments, and to gain marks, they take help from the nursing essay writing service uk to complete their assignments.


Bullying is an issue that the education sector has been facing for a long period time, and still, it is happening in schools, colleges, and other educational institutions even. It would not be wrong to say that bullying from the past few years has increased because a new form of bullying like cyberbullying has been discovered.

Although schools and several organizations are working on it and trying to get rid of this problem, it is still there. But now the problem is that with the avenues that technology has provided, it has become difficult to know who is bullying and who got bullied until and unless the child who got bullied told the teacher or parents. Cyberbullying includes threatening through text messages or social media, texting, making fun and letting down someone on social media, and so many other types of virtual interaction. The child who faces this bullying cannot perform in the classroom; they lose their confidence and go through severe mental stress.

Education and technology:

Technology has become an integral part of education. No matter which learning approach you use, the technology or use of the internet is present there. With that much involvement of technology in education now. We observe that it is also becoming an issue for the education sector.

Students spend hours and hours in front of a screen wasting their time playing, watching movies, or scrolling social media. The time they should spend learning and studying is now used to explore social media and new trends. The teachers should emphasize and teach students how to use technology effectively and for educational purposes. If the students use technology for educational purposes, they can easily learn a lot of new things.


Poverty is also an issue that the education sector is facing. There are millions of children who cannot even write their own names, who have never gone to school in their entire life. Poverty is one of the biggest barriers to the education of millions and millions of children living in the world, especially in developing states.

The literacy rate in these states is very low. Many world organizations are working on this issue and trying their best to make education assessable and available for all the children living in the world, but still, we see a large number of students dropping out of schools and colleges because of financial issues. There are a large number of students who are living at or below the level of poverty. Financial issues also affect the academic performance of the student. For instance, students who are unable to get a proper diet or proper sleep cannot perform well in their studies. The experts observe a big difference in their academic performance.

Skill development:

Another issue from which the education sector of the world face is skill development in the students. Most of the schools all around the world are only providing knowledge to the students. Their main focus and objective are only to teach and memorize the theories, academic book, and syllabus. No one focus on the skill development of the student, which is the most important thing. Most of the pass-out students from schools have zero skills after completing their school.

The health of the students:

The schools, along with the studies and academic progress of the students, should focus on the students’ health. The physical, as well as mental health of the students, is very important. If they are healthy, they can learn and perform well. The teachers should guide students about what to bring in lunch? Which healthy food? How can they become healthy?

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