An introductory tutorial to LMS whiteboard feature

An introductory tutorial to LMS whiteboard feature

The whiteboard in concrete classrooms has made our life colorful. It has been an integral part of classrooms for years and is still going strong in eLearning. Whiteboard has found a way into virtual classrooms through learning management systems (LMS). If you are a teacher or a corporate trainer, LMS’ whiteboard is a great way to share information among your students and online learners. If you want a virtual classroom, then you need to understand the importance of a whiteboard.

What is a whiteboard feature? 

The Whiteboard feature of LMS is useful in lectures, digital classrooms, distance learning, online conferences, webinars, and other user-based requirements. This feature of web conferencing software will allow users to create and share unique, eye-catching, and interactive presentations. The Whiteboard features in web conferencing software of LMS like Adobe connect app aids users in workflow creating and presenting and recording engaging eLearning courses. It allows the user to create a virtual environment where users can work together in real-time to collaborate and take part in discussions. Whiteboard enables you to provide a meaningful experience for your learners.

How to make the most of the Whiteboard feature:

1) Use it as a choice while presenting – When you are presenting, if you feel that your presentation is going off track, then you can use the whiteboard. It will allow you to get back on track and re-engage your students.

2) Use it as a choice while brainstorming – If you have a group project to work on, then you can use the whiteboard for brainstorming ideas. This will allow everyone in the group to have their ideas written down and discussed so that there is clarity about what they all want, instead of having half of them thinking one thing and the other half thinking another.

 3) Use it as an online class resource – If you are taking online courses, then there are chances that some of the content might not be available anymore. In such situations, use the whiteboard feature and create a copy of any part of the course.

How the whiteboard works through LMS features in web conferencing software such as:

  1.   Collaboration

A digital whiteboard is a virtual version of a real-world whiteboard. It allows users to draw on the board, erase their work, and save the digital whiteboard for later use. It is an ideal tool for teachers, presenters, and anyone else who wants to collaborate in real-time.

  1.   Content creation

Whiteboard is a “must-have” tool for educators, trainers, and students. It provides them with the capability of creating interactive presentations that are engaging. This feature helps users create projects that are more vivid and memorable.

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  1.   Easy access

The whiteboard editor can be used for creating interactive presentations for training employees or for conducting e-learning courses. It’s great for presentations in meetings or conferences because it can make both the presenter and audience active participants in the learning process instead of passive recipients of the information. It can help you break away from the traditional boring classes that we all hated in school or college.

  1.   Displaying content

The Whiteboard editor is packed with useful features such as image and multimedia galleries, quizzes, surveys, etc. You can work on the platform itself without needing to download any plugins or extensions. The user interface of this product is simple yet elegant and keeps all the important tools on the left-hand side of the screen.

Whiteboard also comes with a built-in video player which allows smooth playback of videos from YouTube as well as other popular sites such as Vimeo, Flickr, etc.


The teacher or instructor needs to be convinced how a whiteboard can be used to enhance the learning experience of students. The students need to understand how a virtual classroom can help them learn effectively with whiteboards and multi boards in web conferencing software.

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