What Are The Common Problems Associated With Straight Hairs

Those who have straight hair wish to have that curly hair and those having curly hair want to have straight locks. This post is specifically for those who have curly hair but want straight and smooth locks. Maybe you know it or not, but straight hair is dull and dismissive, so wishing for them is not a good idea. Use some heatless hair tips.

Straight hairs are simply flat and deceased! When you attempt to get a hairstyle with straight hair, the end result can be boring. Every woman knows that hair is the most important physical credit. Boring hair means a boring look that is not wanted by any woman. Those who wish curly hair have a good choice and those with straight hair know what struggles will be faced with natural hair. Have a look at some of the problems! 

No Volume 

The worst part of having straight hair is that they lack volume. Even if you go for a haircut, it still gives a compressed look. However, you can make efforts to give it a messy look and flip it in the upside-down direction multiple times while doing it blow-dry. But in the end, it will again fall flat on your face. It is very tough to give life to straight hair as they don’t have that texture. 

Thinning Of Hair

The hair that is naturally straight means they are thin. This clearly means that with ageing, these hairs start vanishing from the scalp. When you make attempts to curl or straighten it, the latter one will accelerate this process. To prevent any damage, you can buy a heatless hair curler set to get natural curls at home. It is a fact that straight hair ages down quickly with age and they are so thin that hardly any style suits them. Transforming its texture is still an option to get a decent look. 

No Variety Of Styles 

There is only one option associated with straight hair – straight! Using any gel, wax, hairspray, or curling iron will help you in getting lifted, wavy, curly, or body hair. Don’t use the gels as it will weigh them down and give a greasy look. The curls will initially look cool, but will automatically die with time. It will seem like you are trying to grow out the dreadlocks.

No Use Of Artificial Things

Many of the products available in the market make false claims of giving perfect textured beach and voluminous locks. This is not true at all! You get attracted to the wily commercials and you start believing that your hair will get thick after using these products. Most of us keep spending a high amount of money on these products. But in the end, when you are not able to see the results, you will not touch that product again. 

Neat Look, Always 

Straight hair always gives a neat and tidy look. And you can’t deny this. Those who have straight hair must be very well aware of this fact. This can be accepted for interviews or any fancy occasion. But how would you feel when your hair looks too neat on a daily basis? It is a weird thing and no girl would like this.

Getting heatless hair is a preferred option. This is a truly boring and uptight look that is hated by every woman. Who has the time to do styling daily? Messy hair is something you would like, with a little uncontrollable look that is not straight-edged at all. 

Prone To Tangling 

Straight hair is very much prone to tangling. You have to always keep a brush or comb with you when stepping outside. There are outside things that work against our hair and make them so tangled. You can put on the hood of the jacket, a scarf, or try out a different hairstyle for the whole day when taking a nap or lying on the sofa. Such kinds of activities can make a loop in our hair. To prevent tangling, you can try other hairstyles like braids, ribbon hair curlers for curls or ponytails.

Wind Messiness 

The wind is the most annoying thing when you have straight hair. Women having straight hair have to think twice before going to the beach, letting down their hair and allowing the wind to ruin the hair. We want it, but we can’t!

The end result will be an ugly and tangled bun on the head top that can never be taken down. Wind can completely ruin your hairstyle and you no longer look styling in that messy hair. So, in order to prevent your hair from that wind, you need to take precautionary steps so that wind can’t destroy your hair.

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