Casual Is The New Formal

Casual Is The New Formal

Fashion changes every day. For years, we have been wearing typical formal dresses but the pandemic changed our perspective towards formal dresses. With more work from home, we have started to wear more comfortable and casual clothes and as everyone is doing that. Casual clothes are being considered formal.

People have stopped wearing proper suits and formal dresses in meetings and offices as well. We are now more interested in comfortable and simple clothes just like several brands such as Challenger Streetwear offer. Instagram and other social media platforms have played a big role in this transition. We see our favourite social media celebrities wearing comfortable and simple clothes every day and thus this has made us do the same. 

Casual for Men

Casual is all about comfort. You wear whatever you feel comfortable in whether it is slick or rough, you wear it because you like it. This could be the best opportunity for men to express themselves by casually making a fashion statement. 

It is obvious that the pandemic has hastened a long-running argument about whether work apparel is still appropriate. We were only a few weeks into lockdowns when we started making predictions about the future of pants and blazers.

Chinos are becoming more popular than jeans as they look good with formal shirts too. You can wear chinos at parties as well as in your office. They are comfortable and good looking. 

People have been seen wearing sneakers with suits and they looked fashionable too. It is clear that fashion nowadays is more inclined towards comfort than looks. People prioritize simple and comfortable clothing.

Casual for Women

To some extent, current fashion trends reflect 1990s fashion trends in that they replicate the forms and patterns of previous years. There is one major difference, however: this time, traditional styles are more related to athletic and streetwear fashions. In fact, people have up their fashion game and are looking for different ways to look the best. One of the examples is the addition of corsets which has changed the lives of many people.

Women have been rocking casual style with tops and hoodies. No girl can look cuter than the one wearing her boyfriend’s hoodie. 

During the pandemic, most companies embraced the idea of working from home. With employees spending half days in office and half at home governed by the idea that fewer office clothes are needed. This transition caused a significant shift in the work-fashion industry’s thinking.

Wearing a casual style that makes you feel both comfortable and beautiful will help you feel fantastic in your everyday life, allowing you to go to work, supermarket shop, and do errands feeling like a million bucks, confident, and stylish.


Businesses around the globe have learnt from this pandemic that employees work better and give more output when they’re comfortable. There is no use in having dress codes just for the sake of dress codes if they have nothing to do with work efficiency and output.

Yes, there are and have to be some boundaries that should never be crossed. Shredded sweatpants are nothing to be worn in an office. But people have learnt to prioritize their comfort from this pandemic. Casual is the new formal.

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