Three Reasons Why You Should Watch Oikawa Play


When it comes to the game of volleyball, Oikawa is undoubtedly one of the best setters on the planet. He is also a natural genius, charismatic, and dedicated to his team. But why does he antagonize Kageyama? What are his shortcomings? How can he become more talented than his opponents? Here are three reasons why you should watch Oikawa play. Read on to discover the real reasons why Oikawa has so much potential and is one of the best players in the world.

Oikawa is a talented setter

In the Haikyuu!! anime, Tooru Oikawa plays as the ace setter. He is also the captain of the Aoba Johsai volleyball team. Previously, he played for Kitagawa Daiichi, winning the Best Setter Award in Miyagi Prefecture. The series will feature Oikawa in a future storyline.

Despite his youth, Oikawa has already shown himself as a top-level volleyball player. He has shown that he has an uncanny sense of the game and the ability to react in time to any situation. He has proven himself as a valuable member of the team, but he still needs to overcome the mental wall that he has created. Whether he plays opposite Karasuno or Joba Johs, Oikawa is a top-tier setter.

He is charismatic

The charismatic Oikawa is a popular member of the Japanese volleyball team. He is known for being a talented setter. However, his lack of confidence in his skills prevents him from winning the World Cup. Although he receives piles of chocolate for Valentine’s Day, Oikawa lacks self-confidence. He also receives countless confessions throughout the year. This is a sign of his insecurities.

Oikawa’s match with Iwaizumi is an actualization of commitments made in the past. Oikawa is looking to win over Iwaizumi’s admiration and fulfill a promise he made years ago. His first opponent was Kageyama, who had been his primary rival when he was a child. Thus, the opportunity to defeat him is a rare occasion for the young phenom to reflect on his own abilities and goals.

He is dedicated to his team

It’s clear that Oikawa has a passion for the game. Since he was young, he’s been interested in volleyball and has experimented with jump serves. By the time he joined Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High, he was already a talented volleyball player. However, a particularly challenging match against the more powerful Ushijima team shook him up and motivated him to improve his game.

After the team practice, Oikawa continues to work. He watches past games of rivals and strategizes against them. He even takes Mondays off to rest. Though Oikawa has considered quitting volleyball, he has always been reminded that the sport is fun. That’s why he’s committed to it. It’s also no surprise that he’s been an important part of the team for three years now.

He is a natural genius

Oikawa has a keen sense of his surroundings. As a result, he is able to easily read other people’s emotions. He also picks up on the target player’s strategy when using code words. The ego-free Oikawa tries his best to win every match. He is an outstanding player, who tries to make his team succeed and improves his own game.

After practice, Oikawa works even harder. He studies his rivals’ past games to plot a strategy against them. He also practices his own technique. He also meditates and studies his opponents’ matches. This dedication is one of the reasons he is able to outlast most opponents. But Oikawa’s talent has not stopped him from having a natural genius streak. He has always had a passion for sports and wants to make a difference in the world of sport.

He has a grudge against Kageyama

It’s been rumored that Oikawa has a grudge towards Kageyama, one of the talented volleyball players from Kitagawa Daiichi Junior High. Kageyama is a genius setter, while Oikawa feels inferior to him. Even though Oikawa may have been jealous of Kageyama’s success, he doesn’t allow himself to be envious of his talent.

The reason behind this attitude is that Oikawa was traumatized by an embarrassing match against Kageyama in middle school, and was eager to defeat him. The fact that Kageyama has a grudge against him isn’t surprising, given that he has an unhealthy resentment for the way his opponents treated him. As a result, he started to adjust his approach, putting a lot of emphasis on using his teammates’ strengths.

He is insecure about himself

The greatest weakness of Oikawa is that he allows his insecurities to get the better of him. This issue reared its ugly head when Kageyama approached him to help him out. He thought of Kageyama as a demon kid and raised his hand in rejection. The anime shows both characters with red eyes, a sign of intense self-loathing. But if Oikawa wants to be a great setter, he must start working on his weaknesses first.

Final Words:

It’s obvious that Oikawa is insecure about himself, and it’s easy to tell if he’s insecure about himself and others. In his gym clothes, he’s stunning, and his smile is irresistible. His teammates don’t notice this, and they think you are using him for looks, but they also see that you care about him. While Oikawa’s confidence shines through on the outside, he’s not as self-confident as he seems.


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