Masked Sniper: Who are the People in Masks in High-Rise Invasion?

Masked Sniper

In the manga series, “Masked Sniper,” we’ve learned about Rika, Sachio Tanabe, and Yuri Honjo, as well as how they became masked snipers. While we’re not sure where they came from, it’s safe to say they’re all quite cool, if not slightly creepy. Read on to learn more about these characters, as well as their backgrounds and what drives them.

Yuri Honjo

Yuri Honjo, masked as an angel, is an advanced hacker. Angels can hack into the wearer’s brain and install new software. They are typically smiling and have different functions. When Yuri is attacked, she can switch into any of these masks. She then sets the corpse ablaze. However, Nise may not be entirely convinced of Yuri’s romantic feelings.

The first time Yuri was attacked, he was forced to kill a person with a mask. His mask was pierced when he was hit by an object, but the Sniper remembered the words of the person who had said “the mask will break.” Afterwards, he leaned against a wall for balance. He considered suicide when left alone, but the other mask attacked him. Nise-chan sprayed a grenade and Yuri was stunned, but managed to save his life.


The manga series Saiyuki introduces us to a mysterious person known as Rika Honjo. She is a human survivor and has a mysterious connection to the masked sniper known as Mr. Sniper. Rika uses a sniper rifle to carry out his mission, while his sister, Yuri, stays in contact with him through a phone. The series also features a God Candidate named Aikawa, who is in charge of thirty Angels. He controls Rika, Yuri, and other members of the Saiyuki crew.

When not wearing a mask, Rika is a highly intelligent man. He carefully considers situations and makes decisions based on his best judgment. His concern for his close friends is apparent in his actions, and he is also determined to look cool in any situation. While she may have a very bad reputation when it comes to her skills, she has a lot to prove. The first time she is introduced to the manga, Rika, masked sniper is one of the best-known manga characters in the world.

Sachio Tanabe

Masked snipers are masked men with special abilities. They control Angels with their wavelength. In Assassin’s Creed III, the masked sniper fights evil forces, as well as his own kind. This character is a powerful and feared assassin, who has also been known to cause a lot of casualties in the course of the game.

The game begins with the characters attempting to save Rika. Then, they battle each other, with the help of Makoto. Rika attempts to kill Sachio, but he stops her, detaining the bala with dedos. Aohara tries to use her power, but she is unable to kill him. Sachio Tanabe, masked sniper, saves her.


In the anime series Mayuko the Masked Sniper, a teenage girl is able to use a knife to kill her enemy. This ability comes from the time she used a smiley-mask that is defective and has a malfunctioned program. Later, after Yuri saves her, Mayuko gains the ability to use a special mask and be a super soldier like the angels. Despite her naiveté, Mayuko has grown close to Yuri Honjo, and would even consider wearing a smiling mask to save her friend if it meant helping her do something good.

As Mayuko continues to wear the mask, she starts to feel the effects of it. Yuri offers to sit out while she recovers. However, a mysterious figure known as Bat Mask shows up in the library and knocks her out. Mayuko, meanwhile, slays Bat Mask with the help of the Sniper Mask, who hoped to team up with Rika. Meanwhile, Sniper Mask recollects how he came to be an Angel and how he came to be in a police uniform.


When he’s not wearing his Angel mask, Sniper Mask is a highly intelligent man. He weighs his options and makes decisions based on what is best for his team. He’s also very protective of his closest friends, but is determined to look cool no matter what he does. This character has been featured in many video games, including the popular Halo series. There’s also a series of short anime films featuring the Angels masked sniper.

Final Words:

In the manga, Sniper Mask can shoot from any angle and hit his targets from up to 200 meters away. He has a unique ability to use his hearing and can spot the source of sounds. His railgun system is highly maneuverable, and his mind is governed by the spirit of Kuon, who gave him closeness to God. The Forced Defragmentation of his mind has also improved his physical capabilities and allowed him to fight against Rika in an equal footing.


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