Professional web editor: 4 good reasons to commission him

Professional writer, what does that mean to you? In the literal sense, this denomination brings together different literary professions, such as public writer, journalist, novelist, etc. With the advent of the digital age, this title is increasingly associated with a new and growing profession in writing: the certified web writer. This digital content specialist is surfing the successive waves of an endless telematics revolution. This created new editorial needs. From now on, the web writing technician is essential for anyone wishing to develop their digital activity, and for good reason: did you know that an experienced and trained editor is able to improve the notoriety and the turnover of your company in a few months? Do you doubt it? The proof by words in the rest of this article.

1. A professional web editor to face the competition

In an increasingly demanding and competitive multimedia environment, the digital content professional supports entrepreneurs who want to assert their presence on the Web.

Adapting your business strategy to the Internet surge

Since the 1990s, the digitization of society has developed rapidly. No sector is immune to this, especially since the health crisis has intensified the process: Mediatory, a French company specializing in the study of digital media use, lists 42 million online buyers in the 4th quarter of 2020, an increase 1.5 million in 1 year. According to Marc Olivier, general delegate of the Federation of e-commerce and distance selling (FEVAD), the consumption habits of the French have considerably and durably evolved. To develop its client portfolio, no ambitious company can now ignore the Internet.

Be supported in an ultra-competitive digital environment

Deprived of their physical customers, entrepreneurs have massively invested in the Web: still according to the FEVAD, in 2020, more than 200,000 active merchant sites were listed, in France alone; an increase of 12% in 1 year. This proliferation of digital merchants has increased competition tenfold.

From now on, it is no longer enough to be present on the web, you still have to be seen, then read. This is the mission of an expert in social media verification agency to support companies to be more visible on this vast field of commercial battles. But by the way, why are its specialized editorial services so important?

2. A web writing professional to be seen and read on the Internet

According to Bill Gates, content is king. Indeed, the content published on the Web constitutes the basis of any digital communication. They must seduce both Internet users and Google’s algorithms. The professional copywriter takes up this double challenge.

Content optimized to please Google

More than 90% of requests from cyberarts pass through the motley giant’s search engines. From then on, it uses its authority to regulate the “visibility battles” that 1.8 billion websites are engaged in every day. A confirmed e-editing technician adapts his content to Google’s main SEO principles. These are based on 3 letters:

  • “E” for Expertise (Expertise);
  • “A” for Authoritativeness, (Authority);
  • “T” for Trustworthiness (Trust / reliability).

By creating content calibrated to the expectations of the algorithms, the certified writer increases your chances of appearing at the top of the search results.

Note that barely 35% of entrepreneurs believe they are well positioned on the Web. However, in view of these statistics, appearing on the first page of Google, the famous SERP1, is no longer an option:

  • 60% of Internet users click on the first 3 results;
  • only 9% of users scroll to the bottom of the first page;
  • 75% of them never exceed the SERP1.

Suffice to say that beyond the first search results, the chances of being seen decrease considerably. Not seen, not sold!
And you, where does your business appear on search engines?

Targeted articles to meet the needs of Internet users

The editorial professional also adapts to the expectations and specificities of the cyberart of the 21st century. Readers who are often in a hurry, distracted and overstretched. See instead:

  • the average time spent on a website does not exceed 140 seconds;
  • more than 50% of visitors leave a web page if it does not display after 3 seconds;
  • the cyberrape tires more quickly, reading the screens for several hours a day. Remember that 50% of searches are made from mobiles.

An experienced copywriter structures his content in such a way as to convince the prospect, from the first lines, that his reading precisely meets his needs. The objective is to grab his attention, before engaging him in a process of converting him into a new customer.

Thus, a digital writing pro masters a range of technical skills perfectly adapted to the specificities of the Web. An editorial art based on a few trade secrets. Let’s discover together the most important of them.

3. A Certified Copywriter to Improve Organic Traffic

SEO brings together all the non-paying, so-called “natural” SEO techniques. Any professional web editor masters the main principles.

The 3 fundamentals of SEO

Search engine optimization consists of acting on 3 levers:

  1. The “on site” technique which brings together all the technical and organizational parameters of your web page.
  2. The content that represents all the means by which you communicate with Internet users: texts, videos and audios.
  3. “Off-site” referencing, which concerns links and social networks.

The proven effectiveness of SEO

The company Aberdeen, expert in business strategy, demonstrated the following fact: companies that have developed relevant SEO strategies have observed an increase in their visibility of 20%. The others only saw a 2.5% increase in traffic over the same period.

The recognized effectiveness of this referencing technique is partly based on professional quality digital content with high added value. To be and remain efficient, SEO requires substantive work over time. Its impact is then evident after 3 to 6 months of regular services which are generally provided by a web editor.

Qualified traffic to generate more leads

Relevant SEO efforts are invariably rewarded with increased visits to your web pages. This is reputable organic or natural traffic, coming directly from search engines. It is generated thanks to the concordance between the keywords strategically inserted in the content by your certified writer, and those used by the cyberart to type his request.

This qualified traffic is the most likely to generate leads (commercial contacts): the online buyer, who did not know you a few moments ago, is now browsing one of your web pages, because it precisely meets his need.

Is your digital contents SEO optimized? If this is not yet the case, get support from a web editor. Check that he has undergone complete training, both on the editorial side and on that of natural referencing.

4. A professional web editor to develop sales

Like all quality services, those of the digital writing expert have a cost. What return on investment can you expect?
To invest in effective digital communication, the choice is simple: time or money?

The cost of an e-copywriting professional: a medium-term investment

If you create your own digital content, you will need to acquire the necessary skills and devote a lot of time to it. If you solicit a confirmed freelance writer, his remuneration will be proportional to the volume and complexity of the order: between a few tens and several hundred euros. An expense to be considered as an investment over a short semester, according to the following process.

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The 7 stages of return on investment

The exponential dynamism of the digital market and the wise choice of a trained and certified content provider offer you every chance of developing your turnover. Here is the journey of your return on investment:

  1. You define a content strategy with your professional e-writer.
  2. It generates adapted and SEO-optimized digital content.
  3. Your confirmed freelance copywriter will advise you on how to prepare your site to best welcome future prospects and convert them into new customers.
  4. After 3 to 6 months of in-depth work, your web pages appear in the top 8, on the famous SERP1.
  5. Qualified traffic to your site improves significantly.
  6. You convert new customers.
  7. Your turnover grows and materializes the return on investment.

In short, the professional web editor asserts himself as a true digital Swiss army knife. Thanks to his training and his expertise, he has many tools to intervene at the different stages of effective digital communication. His versatile skills propel your business to new horizons. Thus, you multiply your notoriety tenfold, multiply the number of prospects, then customers, and finally increase your turnover.

Your digital future is in your hands. Now it’s up to you, all you have to do is find your professional copywriter, the one who will accompany you to the top of the SERPs.

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