How To Use Practice Management Software To Boost Efficiency?

How To Use Practice Management Software To Boost Efficiency?

A practice management software is designed to make medical practices function more smoothly. It provides technical support in scheduling appointments, processing payment, maintaining patient data, and more. With the advancement of technology, you now have an unlimited choice of these systems, but it is too time-consuming to explore each option in detail. Hence, we recommend Practice Mate software as our expert suggestion to save your time and effort. 

Why You Need Practice Mate Software? 

Operating a successful medical practice while maintaining high-quality patient care is stressful. You need to monitor various things simultaneously to ensure your healthcare practice runs efficiently. However, with Office Ally Practice Mate, users have shared in reviews how it helps automate your principal duties like arranging patient visits and verifying their insurance validity. In addition, it minimizes the time and effort required to manage rejected claims and generate reports for weekly meetings. 

Hence, Practice Mate is an excellent choice for all practices, particularly clinics with a limited budget. The connectivity with its electronic health records and patient portal modules is its most significant advantage. Continue reading to learn how Practice Mate EMR features can help upscale your healthcare practice.  

What Practice Mate EHR Offers You?

Practice Mate software is a cost-effective practice management system that is available separately. You can also integrate it with reduced-cost electronic medical records and a patient portal called Patient Ally. More than a hundred thousand physicians famously use the web-based solution. Amongst its functionalities, the primary ones include: 

Patient Scheduling Tool 

Practice Mate EHR provides you with detailed scheduling functions. For example, you can color-code appointments according to their type. Also, you can add special patient notes and arrange recurring patient visits with minimal clicks. Moreover, you can create a date-based list of patient appointments online in the Practice Mate demo.  

Recording Patient Data  

Patients submit their demographics, medical history, and insurance and can speak with you through Patient Ally. Practice Mate EHR automatically imports data into the system when the patient registers for Patient Ally and enters their details. Thus, this feature can save you a lot of time. Moreover, you can use Excel to import supporting files from other software.  

Payment Entry 

Practice Mate demo allows you to define default procedures and diagnostic codes. It is a valuable feature for you, especially if you own mental health practice. The scheduling tool is the most convenient way to enter patient payments. The system is designed to let you enter patient information, copays, and appointments, while the medical billing professional handles the remaining billing tasks. 

Handling of Insurance Claims 

The claims processing capability of Practice Mate software is interconnected with Office Ally, which has straightforward displays to detect denied claims and examine reports. As a result, claims are simple to edit, making rebilling a breeze. 

Application For Insurance Payment  

After entering the regular deposits, they are then applied by the skilled medical biller. The report can be attached to the deposit slip, and you will get the cash in return. Thus, you can relax knowing that your billing is in professional hands that guarantee higher profits. Also, you can view patients’ payments, insurance, reference notes all on one screen.  

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Control Statements  

Practice Mate EHR makes the list of statements sent readily available, and you can reprint it quickly. You can control whether you want to use the payment posting procedure to send the patient his financial statement. These statements are easy to understand for the patients, thus enhancing their satisfaction. You can even add a message before generating the payment statements. Although Office Ally does not process electronic transaction statements, they can be transferred to another file so that another EHR vendor can process them.  

Standard Reports  

Another capability of Practice Mate EHR includes producing reports and some patient charts. In addition, it reports on the appointments booked and patient payments carried out to help you monitor your practice trends. In this way, you can monitor your performance indicators like how many patients you see in a day and your daily collections. It is one of the most significant characteristics of this software as it is integral to practice growth. 

What Practice Mate Costs You?

The Practice Mate electronic medical records software pricing is $29.99 monthly for each user. You get the patient portal, clearinghouse, and Practice Ally along with this pricing bundle free of charge. Besides, you can access the Practice Mate demo to assess all of the software’s features live.  

What Office Ally Practice Mate Reviews Say?

One of the most genuine indicators of a medical software’s usability is the user reviews. So, likewise, we have prepared a summary of the Office Ally Practice Mate reviews to provide you with real users’ perspectives on the software. 

Practice Mate software is integrated with an accessible clearinghouse that connects to over 5000 payers. It has proved to be very valuable to users for streamlining their billing. Also, it offers electronic health records at relatively lower pricing than other EHRs. Another advantage of obtaining Practice Mate is that you do not have to pay additionally to use its practice management services. Lastly, it is web-based software so that you can access it from any remote place with internet connectivity.  

However, a few users indicate that servers go down once every month, which can be troublesome for a web-based solution. Also, when using its EHR, even though users can share patient notes with other users, they cannot include comments about why this data is being shared. Moreover, the user interface is a little out of date. 

What We Have To Say About It? 

Having an efficient practice management software and robust electronic health records system is essential to keep your medical practice on the road to success. Practice Mate software gives you that opportunity while reducing your daily workload. In addition, with Prac-tice Mate managing your appointment schedule and medical billing, you can pay complete attention to your patients. Since these two elements directly impact the revenue cycle of the clinic, choosing software with the most cost-effective functions is crucial.  

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