How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 11?

Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 11

Recovering permanently deleted files in Windows 11 is not as hard as it may sound. The first thing to do is upgrade to Windows 11. Second, you need to understand how to recover permanently deleted files in Windows 11. Then you can take steps to make sure your computer is protecting from identity theft and other high risk data and file compromises.

Easily Recover Permanently Lost Data from Windows File History

In previous versions of windows, if you wanted to restore data from windows file history. You would have to format your computer and then restore all the data you wanted. However, the mechanics of how to restore from windows file history is not the same in every version of windows. So you should pay special attention to the procedures and requirements of each operating system as they will vary from one version to the next.

Important files left behind by Upgrading to Windows 11 

When you upgrade to Windows 11, you must understand that certain system files and folders are transfer to your Windows folder during the upgrade. These important files are important for the proper functioning of the operating system. Therefore, when you uninstall the previous operating system, you should not just erase all these files. Instead, you should delete the folder, or files which contain important information that has been left behind. This can be achieved by running a “registry cleaner” program.

How to Recover Data Loss Caused by Un-installation and Upgrading to Windows 11? 

The un-installation of certain software applications is very common as well. This is often necessary when you want to uninstall certain programs that were install in your computer. However, the un-installation process may cause severe data loss as the un-installation will not completely remove the installed software applications.

Steps Recover Permanently Deleted Files in Windows 11

  • You should first reinstall the operating system so that the un-installation of software applications is completely removing from your computer. 
  • Next, you should transfer all your important data files in an external flash drive.
  • Then, you should insert this flash drive in your computer. 
  • You should follow the procedures properly for formatting your device and then restoring the data files back to your computer.

During the lifetime of your computer, the windows file history folder will swell with a number of files and there are chances that some of them may have been lost even before you start losing data on your device. If you have made any changes to the previous versions of the files, it would be impossible to find them and recover them.

One of the possible ways is to locate the file or folder using the contextual menu and click on restore previous versions. However, you should remember that this restore function only works on the previous versions of the operating system. The delete files from a previous version of windows cannot be access using the previous versions of the operating system. The only way to access these files is by using the contextual menu for recovering deleted files. In the restore previous versions window, you can click on the button named Previous Versions to recover previous versions.

What to do if You can Access the Files?

In case you cannot access the files by locating them using the previous versions window, you can use the NVRAM recovery tools for retrieving the files from NVRAM devices. The NVRAM files are using by windows applications so as to store the boot and programs preferences. The onedrive folder and the recycle folder on the other hand, are using by the operating system to store applications data and the history of the whole system. When these two folders get corrupt, you should make sure that you perform regular windows updates to prevent the loss of important data.

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