How to Install Microsoft Office without a product key?

Install Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is the most widely used office product. Almost every professional uses office products, including architects, designers, draftsmen, lawyers, doctors, engineers, computer programmers, financial analysts, accountants, communication professionals, human resources professionals. And many more who need Microsoft Office to accomplish their work. So, whenever someone wants to install Microsoft office or any other Microsoft product. The most important thing that they need is to buy a Microsoft Office product key. But what is a Microsoft Office product key and how do they get one?

Know About Microsoft Product Key

Microsoft product keys are the activation codes or passwords for the Microsoft Office products. The product key allows a user to successfully log on to the Microsoft office system with Microsoft Windows. This enables the user to be able to make changes to Microsoft Office applications and manipulate them. As well as collaborate with other users of Microsoft office software.  However, when a user purchases a Microsoft product and installs it in his computer. He should also buy a Microsoft Office product key, or activate Microsoft office at that point. Without a product key, the user will not be able to access Microsoft office. Because he will have no password or activation code to activate it.

Ways to Get Microsoft Office Product Keys

There are several ways to get Microsoft Office product keys. But here we have mentioned 2 methods to get Microsoft office product keys.

Method 1

First, there is the direct Microsoft OEM. Most of the major Microsoft corporations provide Microsoft office OEM products directly to the end user. There are two versions of Microsoft OEMs – Microsoft express and Microsoft standard. The express version is the standard Microsoft operating system product. The standard version is the Microsoft office product, which is pre-installed on most of the personal computers.

Method 2

Another way to get Microsoft office product keys is through third party software distributors. These products normally comes as a Microsoft certified product. Third party distributors offer Microsoft office products. That are compatible with Microsoft office products, such as Microsoft word and Microsoft excel. They also offer product keys that can activate Microsoft office programs directly. However, these third party distributors often provide altered Microsoft product keys. That were lacking some Microsoft specific features. Such as product security and product activation features. In some cases, the altered Microsoft product keys do not work at all. But still require installation by the original Microsoft employee.

How to Install Microsoft Office without a Product Key?

  1. In some cases, installing Microsoft products requires the use of a Windows installer CD. These CD’s are design for use with Microsoft products only. Therefore, you must install the CD in a windows environment before it can activate Microsoft office applications. To make sure that the CD can work with Microsoft products. You will need to activate Microsoft products with your computer.
  2. If your computer does not contain a product key, you will need to generate one. There are several ways to generate a product key. The easiest method is to download Microsoft Office from Microsoft website and copy the product key into the appropriate file. For example, if you download Microsoft Word, you would copy the product key into the file called Product Installer. The file name should be appropriate for the program that you have installed. You may also want to create a CD or DVD if you want to install more than one Microsoft application.
  3. If you are using Microsoft office applications such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint, and you do not have a product key. You can use the Update button on Microsoft products to add a product key. In Microsoft Word, select “Tools” and then click on “English ( globalization)”. You will then be able to choose in which languages your documents will be accepted. This method requires user intervention to install the updated product keys.
  4. If you are unable to find a product key, you may be able to get the product installed by using a CD-ROM. You need to burn the software CD to a blank CD-ROM. Insert the CD into the drive of your computer and follow the on-screen instructions. Follow the same instructions to install the software onto your computer. When prompted, insert a blank CD into your computer. After this follow the on-screen instructions to install the software on your computer.

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