Get Called for a coding interview with Zero experience

You’ve dedicated your invaluable time to study and learning. You’ve learned every intricacies and concept pertinent to programming and coding. Now, it’s time to start applying for roles at establishments. Unfortunately, ever available entry-level positions demand 3 to 5 years of work experience. While this may be pretty discouraging, Never Lose Hope! AlgoMonster will examine practical and some viable alternatives for you to get a coding interview with zero experience.

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How to get programming interviews without work experience

As long as you’re willing to put in the work, you’d undoubtedly find these tips helpful.

Develop a website/App/Project

Suppose you’ve been nurturing an idea for a website, or app, like for a SaaS project or a game. In that case, why not think about developing it? Creating a website and publishing it online to make it visible to other people will show what you’re capable of, even much more than a coding interview would. After all, what ultimately benefits you more is showcasing your practical prowess. Think of an idea and develop it one piece at a time. Never attempt its design overnight. Carefully think through the entire process. This is even a more advisable way if you are looking for how to prepare for a coding interview – it will offer you a lot more than cracking the coding interview or any interview coding questions would. Meticulously consider very low-level and high-level design attributes, and these will also help you study better for interviews while presenting you a more fun thing to do.

Having created these smaller projects, you can then start developing your portfolio on platforms such as GitHub. Now, you can show companies demanding your past projects this portfolio, making it easier for you to get hired. If you think this is a somewhat arduous task, consider the next option.

Create a blog

Whether you use WordPress, or simply Medium, irrespective of your content delivery system, you can start by creating valuable content. While this may not always showcase your technical prowess, it is an additional talking point. It indicates your passion and interests. Besides, you can always use these blog posts as practical approaches to preparing yourself for a programming interview. Select concepts that are in line with topics relevant to standard tech interviews. For instance subjects like “a breakdown of algorithm and data structure, examining a Leetcode problem, or How to design Uber, etc.” These will be instrumental to your future endeavors and when you need to showcase skills beyond software engineering.

Never Miss Meetups regardless of your personality

Even you’re an introverted individual, always attend occasion meetups. While extroverts are better positioned to benefit from these events, it doesn’t imply that introverts can’t access any form of benefit from them. There, you’ll meet several pros, and individuals you can link up with to find future jobs, connect with potential startup partners, or even get exposed to the modus operandi of several companies. All you need is conversational skills and kaboom! Your next interview is waiting right at the door. Don’t go there to remain isolated in a corner. Make efforts to converse with a few people, and ensure that you get the email of relevant individuals.

With that said, there are several instances of individuals securing their first jobs with just a few blog posts, and attending meetups while using these blogs as their talking point. This is also valid for the projects and apps you’ve earlier developed. Thus, never feel like these events don’t work, even if they aren’t yielding the projected benefits just yet.

Reach out to close associates

Several companies work with referrals. Speaking from experience, securing a role at Amazon is even much easier when you have a referral, rather than just randomly submitting your resume into their system. Never feel inferior or bad requesting referrals. And note that this article mentioned close associates – don’t ask for a referral from strangers, it’s pretty awkward. No one wants to refer someone they’ve never met before. Rather, find people you’re familiar with, or share a relationship with; people who can vouch for your personality and work principles. These individuals are better positioned to offer you some help. With that said, they would only be able to help you secure an interview; there’s no guarantee that the interview would be successful. Therefore, strive to give it your best shot and immerse yourself in intensive coding interview practice and comprehensive knowledge of algorithms and data structure.

Never stop applying and meeting new people

It’s pretty difficult to keep applying for jobs over time, especially when it starts to feel like nobody has your time. However, you must never give up. Keep seeking employment opportunities at various establishments, never stop finding roo3s everywhere because you don’t know where the green light might come from. It could be at a hospital, it might be Facebook, or even Amazon. However, if you stop applying, chances are you’ll never get called up for an interview.

Note that you can blend all of these actions into a practical strategy. This is how you can experience the most significant impacts attributable to them. You can create a blog showcasing your portfolio, which you can share at meetups you attend. There is an underrated power in the ability to merge several small actions and develop them into the outcomes you desire.

BottomLine – Never Give Up!

Cracking coding interviews is no easy feat, but even getting called up for one without experience could be relatively more difficult. As such, we sincerely hope these tips would be instrumental to getting your first role in the tech ecosystem, regardless of the role. All in all, the most important thing is never to give up. Always keep track of where your applications go, the meetup events you attend, individuals you meet, and ensure that you contact them accordingly. Ultimately, nurture a positive attitude as you connect with these connections you’ve built for yourself.

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