Future of Laravel Development & Trends to Anticipate in 2022

Future of Laravel Development & Trends to Anticipate in 2022

Future of Laravel Development & Trends to Anticipate in 2022

Laravel topped the chart of the most used PHP framework both in 2020 and 2021.

Furthermore, Glassdoor confirmed Laravel developers earn $90,487 each year on average. 

Thus, no wonder you want to hire Laravel programmers. However, if you use such a coveted framework and pay that much to the developers, you must know the future and trends of the framework as well. Miss that and you’ll lose out to your competition.

In the next five minutes, learn 9 trends of Laravel in 2022 to help scale up your business:

  1. How will the MVC architecture impact Laravel?
  2. How will the high security levels impact Laravel?
  3. How will the object-oriented libraries impact Laravel?
  4. How will outsourcing PHP development impact Laravel?
  5. How will developing enterprise-grade web applications impact Laravel?
  6. How will automated testing impact Laravel?
  7. How will serverless deployment impact Laravel?
  8. How will importing libraries impact Laravel?
  9. How will IoT integration impact Laravel?

9 trends of Laravel in 2022

1. MVC Architecture

Laravel Development & Trends
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The Model View Controller (MVC) architecture will continue to hold its place in Laravel development trends. Here’s how the MVC architecture helps developers:

  • The MVC architecture segregates the code among 3 levels. Thus, developers can find specific portions of the code and add new functionality with ease.
  • The MVC architecture supports Asynchronous Method Invocation (AMI). The feature allows developers to build MVC applications that can work with site-specific browsers, PDF files, and desktop widgets.
  • The MVC architecture allows developers to modify applications with ease. A change you make in a certain section of the app won’t affect the entire architecture. 
  • The MVC architecture allows a developer to work on the controller side while another works on the view part simultaneously. Thus, the development process speeds up.
  • The MVC architecture allows developers to format data using HTML, Dream Viewer, or Macromedia Flash. 

2. High security levels

Laravel Development & Trends
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Businesses lose $114 billion each year because of data breaches. Furthermore, 25% of the data breaches happen because of security negligences. 

That’s why smart business owners like you will depend more on Laravel security features; thereby making high security levels one of the trends in Laravel development.

Here’s how Laravel security features protect websites and apps:

  • The Fluent or Eloquent Query Builder offers protection against SQL injections. If hackers try adding new inputs to forms, the Laravel statement inserts quotes and runs the SQL query to read the database. Afterward, the statement damages the inputs.
  • A new application key protects cookies on the web app. 
  • Laravel uses the Form Classes Token Method to protect web apps against any Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) attack. The token detects the source of all requests coming to or from web apps. Afterward, the CSRF filter identifies forged requests. Furthermore, the filter returns an HTTP 500 error as well.
  • Laravel uses cross-site scripting to protect web apps from hacking and phishing. Furthermore, the Laravel syntax detects any unusual activity.
  • Laravel uses Object-relational mapping tools to save the mass-assign properties to the database.

3. Object-oriented libraries

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Laravel is the only framework that offers a free in-built library. The trend will continue to be a part of the future of Laravel

The application-based libraries are best suited for non-generic code such as business logic code. The authentication library is the most efficient and useful library Laravel offers.

The object-oriented libraries offer:

  • Large data 
  • Heavy processing abilities
  • Security functions such as protection, encryption, password reset, and CSRF operations, among others.
  • Safeguard against each authorization request and retrieval of data.

4. Outsourcing PHP development

Laravel Development & Trends
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  • Owl labs found in a study that 55% of respondents worked more hours while working remotely than when they worked from the office.
  • Upwork confirmed on their future of work report that 32.2% of hiring managers believe productivity increases when employees work remotely.     
  • Upwork predicts 36.2 million Americans will work remotely by 2025.

Outsourcing will become a popular Laravel trend in 2022 as well. PHP outsourcing helps you achieve:

  • Access to a global talent pool
  • More productivity due to less sick leaves and more working days
  • Higher profits because of the absence of office space cost and the low cost of hiring freelancers 

5. Developing enterprise-grade web applications

Laravel offers a microservices architecture with multiple smaller modules that combine and work in conjunction with each other. Thanks to this feature, developing enterprise-grade web apps is one of the reasons behind Laravel’s popularity

Some of the features Laravel offers to achieve the same are:

  • Eloquent ORM (Object Relational Mapper)
  • Active Record Implementation
  • Event Broadcasting
  • Services Center
  • Robust security 

6. Automated testing

  • Software developers spend 13 hours debugging a single software failure in the backlog. 
  • Developers take 620 million hours debugging software failures.
  • Software downtime costs businesses $5,600 a minute on average.

Automated testing solves all of the above-mentioned issues. With automated testing, you can:

  • Perform expressive testing of web apps. Automated testing helps you achieve the same by mimicking basic user behaviors such as clicking forms and making requests.
  • Make sure new changes never affect the functionality of the web applications
  • Test each app module or component. The process allows you to check whether integrated apps with every module added perform well. 

7. Serverless deployment 

Serverless deployment solutions allow you to:

  • Run function calls per HTTP request without dealing with a server. The vendor manages the server.
  • Pay only for the server space you use. The process allows the code to run only when you must perform backend functions. Thus, you save on your budget.
  • Upload bits of code and launch a new product quickly.

Laravel Vapor — powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) — offers serverless deployment. All developers need to do is launch the web apps on Laravel Vapor. Afterward, developers can upscale the web apps whenever they need to.

Furthermore, you can combine Laravel Vapor with tools such as Lamda and build entirely event-driven web apps.    

8. Importing libraries

Laravel offers a free in-built library; a feature you won’t find in any other framework. However, you can add external libraries such as D3, ReactJS, and jQuery as well.

Whenever you add an external library, make sure to:

  • Check how old the library version is and whether the version offers what you need for your project.
  • Check how often the developers update the library as well. 
  • Go for external libraries with excellent community support. 

9. IoT integration

The IoT integration in Laravel allows developers to deal with vulnerabilities much quicker than other languages. Furthermore, Laravel offers brilliant cybersecurity profiling as well.

Here’s how Laravel achieves the same:

  • Laravel uses Bcyrpt hash calculations. Furthermore, Laravel uses hashed secret words to store user passwords.
  • Laravel uses Argon2 to protect the website against hacking and phishing as well.
  • Laravel never leaves any password in the system as easily accessible data.
  • Laravel uses SQL articulations for carrying out processes from authentication to encryption.     

Trends of Laravel — know the trends to scale up your business

Trends evolve over time. Thus, you must keep yourself updated to make the most of trends. Knowing the benefits and trends of Laravel will help you to get more customers which will, in turn, lead to higher revenues.  


























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