Discover The Various Types Of Hair Extensions?

Discover The Various Types Of Hair Extensions?

I am a huge hair extension lover! My outfit and the entire look are incomplete when I do not have them on. Hair extensions are coming back into style due to the ample amount of benefits they offer. 

People love them since they give you amazing volume and elevate your entire look to another level. People who avoid using heat products on their natural hair also use them and style them in many different ways. 

The best part about using hair extensions is that they are very easy to use. There is not a huge process that you need to follow in order to wear them, instead, you can literally wear them in just a couple of minutes, that’s all! 

Now, if you are someone who wants to wear hair extensions and look fabulous as ever, you first need to know the different types of hair extensions available out there. Scroll down and keep reading! 

Different Types of Hair Extensions 

Hair extensions are available in loads of styles out there. Some of these include: 

  • Messy Bun Hair Extensions

Messy buns have been my favorite hairstyle since I was a little girl. I just love the look they give off. They not only look neat and clean but also give a chic vibe, and you can style them with many different outfits. The messy bun hair extension I use is by JuvaBun, and that looks stunning! 

In my work routine, it is very hard for me to keep my hair open as I am literally working most of the time and cannot concentrate that way. This is why I use messy bun hair extensions that not only relax me but give me confidence when uploading my stories. The extensions I got from JuvaBun literally feel like real hair due to their super amazing texture and the entire look. They are so soft and shiny that I love wearing them. 

The best part about the hair extensions is that they are so lightweight! I have tried loads of different brands out there, but none of them have been as amazing as the extensions by JuvaBun. The extensions by different brands weighed so much that they ended up causing me a headache. That is not the case with JuvaBun at all! 

  • Curly Ponytail Hair Extensions 

Raise your hands if you love curly hair! I personally love curly hair so much and used to curl my hair all the time in my teens. That was the major reason why my hair got ruined. 

Curly hair gives you such a beautiful look and looks really sexy as well. I always wear curly ponytail hair extensions when I am going to a wedding or a formal function when I am wearing a dress. The curly ponytail hair extensions I use are also by JuvaBun. These extensions are also available in different colors, which makes it quite easy for you to match them with your hair. This extension gives my hair such a voluminous look and increases the length as well since I have short hair. They are so easy to wear that all you have to do is tie your hair, make a bun, and attach the hair extensions. It is not going to take you more than 5 minutes to do this, that is a promise! This hair extension is weather-proof as well, which means you will not have to worry about it getting ruined one bit. Style it and slay your look! 

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  • Straight Ponytail

Do you love sleek, straight hair? They give off such a clean and sexy look when styling with different outfits. Whenever I am going out with my friends or on a date, I prefer a straight ponytail with a beautiful blouse and a pair of jeans. 

If you have not tried out this look, you need to do it right now! Trust me, you will get tons of compliments with this look. I use the JuvaBun straight ponytail that is to-die-for. The quality of the hair extension is top-notch and extremely silky and shiny. It doesn’t even get tangled easily, and even if it does a little, simply brush it and wear it. The ponytail is 16-inch long and gives you rapunzel vibes. The best part is that it gives you tons of volume and gives a very fuller look which looks stunning. You need to try out this style no matter what!

  • Bangs

I love bangs, but I feel like they do not suit my face a lot. This is why I never got a haircut that way. Instead, I bought hair extensions. This look never goes out of style, and you can wear it with different outfits according to your choice. 

Making Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

To ensure that your hair extensions last for a longer time period, it is necessary for you to take care of them. This means that you must wash them whenever they get dirty. 

However, make sure that you do not over-wash them since that will only ruin them, making you throw them away. You should also condition them but make sure the condition is a light one so that it doesn’t ruin the quality and texture of the hair extensions. You can use the conditioner by JuvaBun, which is perfect for washing your hair extensions. 

Key Takeaways!

Hair extensions are amazing products and are a lifesaver. Do you not feel like styling your hair, or is your hair acting up due to the humidity out there? Simply wear hair extension, and you are good to go. The best part about them is that they come in different hairstyles, making it so much easier for you to choose from and style them with your outfit. The best part is that you can also apply heat to them to try out different hairstyles while keeping your natural hair completely safe. 

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