Magical, Fabulous & Authentic Manifestation Jewelry Pieces

Magical, Fabulous & Authentic Manifestation Jewelry Pieces

Manifestation is all the rage nowadays. It’s sort of similar to magic where you conjure up stuff but manifestation is more of an internal process. For manifestation, you need to know who you are. Karma and Luck’s jewelry is here to do just that. Don’t just dream it, manifest it! Get your manifestation jewelry today which will help you make your dreams come true.

When wearing these manifestation gems you will feel like having an inner connection with yourself. Gone are the days when you did not know who you were. Wear manifestation jewelry and it will be a similar experience to wearing your heart on your sleeve. If you got it, flaunt it. Why not manifest on your own? Manifestation jewelry helps to attract mystical energies to yourself. In China it’s known as chakra and in Japan it’s known as ki. Whatever it’s called, wearing manifestation jewelry will help you attract what’s best in this life. Manifestation is all about being in one with your inner energy, I.E., chakra or ki. Karma and Luck’s Manifestation Jewelry helps to do that and so much more.

Hematite Men’s Bundle

This stunning bundle is a grounding vibes hematite mend bundle that is grounded in healing all our spirits and restoring them to make them open to receiving. This bundle contains a hematite macrame bracelet which is known for its grounding force which further contains an OM charm which is for serenity, Hamsa hand charm for protection, an evil eye charm that is known to deflect negativity, hematite stones which are known for calming, grounding and focus, antique bronze tubes and an adjustable drawstring closure. 

Moreover, this bundle contains a jade hematite dragon charm bracelet which contains a dragon charm for courage and power, hematite stone for centering the soul and for focus, jade stone for abundance and prosperity and the bracket is made from 925 sterling silver and is 18k gold plated.  The last thing in this bundle is the thought stabilized hematite Feng Shui tree which has a tree of life symbol known for growth and fertility powers, hematite leaves for focus, hand wrapped copper wire and an agate jade for balancing, grounding and harmony. 

There are several benefits of wearing hematite jewelry which includes the stone maintaining the balance of all the chakras and energies. Moreover, the stone has energies that keep you grounded and regulate the flow of blood. This stubby gemstone is known to relieve any stress and anxiety and boost creativity. Moreover, the jade stone provides abundance and prosperity. The striking green stone is known for being a bearer of wealth, health and good fortune. This precious stone is often given to newborn babies since it is known to have protective and lucky charm powers and energies. 

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The hematite is an excellent crystal for manifestation and is commonly used to help you feel protected while you take a huge step into all that you desire. Moreover, the hematite gemstone is strongly connected to the root and sacral chakras and it delivers a strong mix of confidence and creativity. It is known to be a booster of self-esteem and it helps you shake off any old behavior patterns that are bad for you and grants you renewed self-esteem and self-confidence. 

The bundle contains three main stones hematite, jade stone and agate which are used in manifestation. Hematite can be used to provide a boost of confidence and these gemstones are known to provide renewed focus to achieve all that you desire and everything that you have manifested. The agate stone is known to manifest its own kind of unique magic. It’s amazing for people looking to manifest a more connected life in the sense of calmness and health. Moreover, the jade stone is ideal for manifesting prosperity, abundance and good fortune. 

I’m positive that whatever energy you give off to the universe you get the same energy. Therefore, it is very important to give positive energy if you want to receive positive energy. 

If you’re fascinated by the art of manifestation or you want to try it out, do check out the karma and luck website to buy these intricate and magical manifestation jewelry pieces.

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