Best way to buy blow dryer for your hair extensions

Blow dryer is one of the most important tools to make your hair extensions work for you. They vary in prices and different brands provide different features. Different types of hair extensions like weft, tape ins, clip ins and fusion hair require different blow drying techniques and methodologies which affect their longevity and performance. In this article we will discuss the best way to buy a blow dryer for your hair extensions?

Types of Blow Dryers:

There are two main type of blow dryers namely concentrator nozzle and diffuser nozzles. You should buy a diffuser nozzle if you have curly or wavy hair extensions as it helps to reduce frizz without making them straight. It creates less heat damage on wet hair extensions and is the safest blow dryer for your hair extensions.

First type

The first kind of blow dryer (that most people will encounter) is a “Concentrator Nozzle” type. This means it comes with an attachment specifically designed to make this kind of blow dryer function more effectively by concentrating the air flow in one direction instead of all over the place. In most cases, these attachments have a small hole with a rubber flap inside of it which can be rotated somewhat like a windshield wiper so that you can direct the air flow in the direction you want.

Concentrator Nozzle type dryers tend to be quieter than their non-concentrator counterparts, but they still make a sound. They alleviate this by employing dampening materials like foam or plastic wherever possible to reduce vibration/noise transmission.

These types of dryers are great for people with short hair, because the concentrated air flow can be targeted more effectively at smaller areas on your head. The downside is that it takes longer to use (because you’re only drying small sections at a time), and depending upon how strong the airflow is coming out of the concentrator nozzle, it may not work so well on thick/coarse/curly hair either.

Second Type

The second kind of blow dryer is a “Non-Concentrator Nozzle” type. This means it does not come with any attachment or nozzle that directs the air flow in one specific direction, and as such this kind of blow dryer does not really specialize in drying any particular area of your head very well compared to the concentrator nozzles. These types of blow dryers tend to be significantly cheaper than their concentrator nozzle counterparts, but they also tend to produce more noise and require more work on your part to get certain spots on your head adequately dried.

If you have straight or wavy or just frizzy hair then choose a concentrator nozzle which has more aggressive heating than diffuser nozzles . And dries out your wet hair in minimum possible time. Blow drying technique plays an important role in straightening your curly, wavy, curled and unruly hairs.

Hair Type:

Different types of hair extension require different levels of heat to style them properly. For example kinky curly hair requires high level of heat while other types like Marley braid hair can’t be easily dried.  with high temperature as it will burn the braid pattern at the end. So if you are using kinky curly hair then you must use a blow dryer for extensions with high heat settings.

Blow Dryer Weight:

In order to style your wet or damp long hair extensions properly . The weight of the blow dryer should not be too heavy as it will disturb your styling process and make your arms aching. So either buy a lightweight one which saves energy and time or a small sized one for comfortable usage.


Different manufacturers provide different quality models at various price levels. Look for models from reputed brands like Parlux, Solano, and Remington etc.  As they provide high level of performance at reasonable rates. Don’t go by false claims made by other companies as they can easily damage your hair extensions.


Don’t be deceived by false claims made by other companies on social media platforms like Facebook, Tweeter etc. Blow dryers are not that costly.  Buy the blow dryer for extensions which suits your needs and don’t compare their prices with cheaper ones. As they can damage your expensive hair extensions very easily.  If you are buying a hair dryer with high price tags definitely.  That dryer must be durable and made with long lasting material.


Blow dryers come with different nozzles of various sizes to suit different type of hair extensions. You must check them before buying to make sure that nozzle fits tightly on the tool . so that there’s no air leakage during its usage.

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