Benefits of incense sticks over room freshener spray

Scents play a vital role in bringing out the inner personality which dares to cast long-lasting impressions on other people. It’s just that scents are the most important nonverbal cue which depicts the personality just fine. 

Every scent form has its pros and cons but eventually, the best way to get the scent is natural and least processed form. Therefore, this article articulates the Benefits of incense sticks over room freshener spray to make a deeper understanding of the scent’s ideology. 

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So, let’s unleash some fascinating facts about the scents and the incense sticks. 

Incense sticks:

Incense aroma is the most evolving industry and has gained a lot of market share in recent years. Incense is also culture-specific, as many cultures have their aroma specifications. The burning amber and many other scents cast a very powerful aroma all around the surrounding, making the whole area fragrant and fascinating at the same time. It is also mood-lifting has many other mental health benefits. 

Cautions are always there, too much of anything is bad. You need to be cautious of many factors, for instance, using good quality incense as it may contain harmful materials or utilization of nonflammable burners.

It is natural and has the least processing which is why it is considered the most eco-friendly aroma option in the market. The fascinating and light smell makes the environment very much pleasant and is being liked by the people in the process of mediation and yoga.

Incense sticks benefits over the air freshener:

There is many health, economical and functional benefits of the incense sticks over the air fresheners available in the market.

Price range:

Incense sticks have many subtle and appealing scent which becomes fruitier by seeing their price ranges. The incense sticks even of the highest quality are very cost-friendly as compared to the time being scents of the air freshers.


Although the smells come in the incense sticks are very divine and mild but the sustainability of the scent is much more long-lasting as compared to the air fresheners. The sticks while burning take almost 1 to 2 hours to fully dissolve and the scent of the stick maintains its fragrance even after that which is not the case even with the air fresheners.

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Health issues:

Although the mild smoke of the incense might be a little suffocating for some people the health issues which is associated with air fresheners like VOCs can cause devastating and long-lasting side effects. The ingredients of the air fresheners are not openly placed in the product positioning, packaging, and branding.

The reason being is the presence of harmful chemicals inside these air fresheners which might be allergic to many people and people might get asthma problems, infant chronic illnesses, severe to mild migraines, and many more depending upon the chemical compositions that particular air freshener holds. The most frightening one is the presence of formaldehyde, Styrene which is the root cause of fatal diseases like carcinogens and cancer.

While using the right incense sticks in the properly ventilated areas can eliminate the root causes of the many health diseases and is considered as best option to attain mind relaxation and spares the person from anxiety, chronic headaches, stress, and depression 


The benefits of incense sticks over room freshener spray are comparatively more. But in reality, it’s just what you want for yourself. If the incense is utilized in a much more balanced approach, then it will surely be one budget-friendly, more suitable, and healthy option out there.


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