The Alabama Divorce Process and the Proof of Emotional Abuse

The presence of emotional abuse significantly complicates and burdens the divorce procedure for the victim. Emotional abuse often goes unnoticed by most individuals, in contrast to physical abuse, which tends to be more readily apparent. Consequently, it could be more arduous to substantiate emotional abuse in the context of a divorce. However, we can accomplish it. 

If you are contemplating filing for a divorce due to emotional abuse from your spouse, a Huntsville divorce attorney can provide you with assistance.

How to Spot the Indicators of Emotional Abuse at Work

Coercion, threats of violence, or abusive language all fall under the umbrella of emotional and psychological abuse. The following are common indicators of emotional abuse: 

  • Degrading the sufferer,
  • Struggles to exert influence over the victim,
  • Keeping the victim away from loved ones,
  • Insulting or shaming the victim,
  • Use of gaslighting tactics on the victim,
  • Management of the victim’s financial resources,
  • Refusing or withholding essential resources from the victim and
  • Bringing down the victim’s self-esteem and confidence. 

Legal Proof of Emotional Abuse

Get a handle on the ins and outs of proving emotional abuse in family court before you file for a divorce. 

Emotional or psychological abuse is not a basis for divorce under Alabama law. If there is proof of emotional abuse, however, it can be used to support the other grounds listed to end the marriage. Let us take a look at what you can do to help establish emotional abuse. 

Emotional Abuse Incidents Proven Through Documentation

It is essential to record and document any incidents of abuse meticulously. Give specific details about the abuse and how it affected you, including the incident’s time, place, and date. You may also be able to find evidence of your spouse’s emotional abuse via their text messages, voicemails, or emails. 

First-Hand Testimony

If you are claiming emotional abuse, you can bolster your case with witness testimony in addition to physical proof and documents. Witnesses to the emotional abuse, whether they be friends, relatives, or coworkers, may be able to provide you with the testimony you need. Your lawyer might rely on their testimony to support and validate your assertions in court.

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Contact a Mental Health Expert for Assistance 

Your life might be turned upside down if your spouse repeatedly abuses your emotions. If you need assistance processing the trauma, do not hesitate to consult a trained mental health expert. In addition to improving your health in general, getting help for emotional abuse can strengthen your case. Your lawyer can use your therapist’s testimony to prove that your partner caused your injury.

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