A Comprehensive Guide on DevOps Foundation® Course

DevOps Foundation® Course

As organizations are facing new competitors in their particular marketplaces, they must stay competitive by releasing new and updated goods frequently rather than once or twice a year. The DevOps Foundation® Course is such a course program that establishes a foundational grasp of the core DevOps vocabulary of a learner. It guarantees that everyone is speaking the same language and highlights the benefits of DevOps in assisting with corporate performance.

Are you interested in having in-depth knowledge of DevOps vocabulary and growing your DevOps skills? Then this post is for you. This article will give you a comprehensive guide on what you may acquire in the foundation course and what are its prerequisites. 

Let’s have a look at it.

Overview of DevOps Foundation® Course   

DevOps Foundation® Course is a comprehensive course that empowers you with DevOps skills that are required to get a job. Here you can gain the skills to support your organization by reducing costs and increasing agility. Not only that, you can bring organizational development and operations together by reducing lead times, and ship better to work faster. As a result, this course provides an experiential learning opportunity where you may learn from real-life success stories, examine case studies, and participate in a variety of activities, among other things.

You will learn how to adopt standard DevOps principles into your business in this two-day course. Furthermore, this course teaches you how to put DevOps concepts into reality and how to deal with team dynamics, infrastructure automation, and organizational silos.

Course Highlights

After you get into the Foundation course you can get:

  • Live instructor-led training for 16 hours.
  • Get 16 SEUs along with 16 PDUs.
  • Exclusive course materials from the DevOps Institute
  • Enjoy real-world experiential learning opportunity
  • Learn through engaging activities and case studies
  • Have comprehensive exam support to pass the exam and get certified.

Skills you can Acquire

  • Using DevOps concepts as a Foundation
  • Putting important DevOps principles in place
  • Utilizing DevOps in Three different ways
  • DevOps culture and behavior are introduced
  • Using the DevOps paradigm
  • Ability to communicate
  • Collaborative abilities
  • Management of stakeholders
  • Examining abilities
  • Ability to automate
  • Customer-focused mentality


  • No set prerequisites for this course.
  • This session will benefit anybody interested in learning more about DevOps as a culture, a movement, and a mentality that helps teams develop faster and give more benefit to companies and consumers.

Get into DevOps Foundation® Course

With the new certificates introduced by DevOps Institute, you can improve your understanding and practice of DevOps processes and principles. With the DevOps Foundation® Course, you can prove your skills as a DevOps professional and take the advantage of networking with the best industries globally. But after knowing all of these, are you unsure of where to begin? Follow these simple steps of instructions to get into the course program.

  • Get a proper training

Enroll in a DevOps Foundation® Course provided by reputed institutions and attend the 16-hour instructor-led training.

  • Take the course exam

Sit for the open book, 60-minute online test and score a minimum mark of 65% in the 40 multiple choice questions set to paper.

  • Earn the Credential

Download the certification of the DevOps Foundation® Course and be ready to take your DevOps profession to the next level.


Now that you know how to enroll in the course, take advantage of the chance to study the fundamentals of DevOps in the DevOps Foundation® Course.

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