6 plush lighting ideas to give a lavish touch to your bedrooms

6 plush lighting ideas to give a lavish touch to your bedrooms

Luxury lighting is a very niche lifestyle choice in India and despite the fact that it is slowly being normalized across the country, many parts of your home are still neglected in terms of lighting. People usually go for luxury lighting fixtures for their living area but they forget that other parts of the house, especially the bedroom, could very well be adorned too. It is important to decorate your homes, but the aura of your living space amplifies only when every nook and cranny is given equal attention. 

Considering the fact that the bedroom is your most personal space in the house, it is important to adorn the place where you begin and end your day. You don’t have to sweat it out as we bring to you the most luxurious and lavish lighting fixtures for your bedroom from the house of The White Teak that will be a treat to your eyes…

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  1. Chandelier – Meet and Greet – Creating the best contemporary pieces is our forte and Meet and Greet proves our prowess. This beauty reflects absolute grandeur when lit up, but you can feast your eyes on it even when you don’t light it up.
  2. Pendant light – Gold Mine – A true embodiment of luxury, this pendant light is an absolute beauty and can lend an unmatchable aura to your bedroom. Gold mine comes with small golden tubes embellished with precision cut crystals which is just a treat to the eyes. 
  3. Ceiling light – Heat Wave – If you don’t have a lot of space to spare for large chandeliers or pendant lights, then this is the one for you. Compact, classy with a contemporary design, this ceiling light comes with dimmable LED to add that convenience factor for you too. 
  4. Wall light – Read me like a book – Wall lights can be instrumental to provide secondary lighting in your bedrooms and the moment you take a look at this piece, you’ll realize why it’s a must-buy. A smokey grey fabric shade houses a creamy glass shade and the icing on the cake is the downlight to complement your reading sessions on your bed. 
  5. Table lamp – Lot to unpack – Bedside table lamps can prove to be very useful and this piece is not just efficient but an attention grabber too. Two gold finished rings embellished with crystals complemented by a gold-finished base, is the grandest way to amplify the aura of your room. It comes with a dimmable LED to suit your moods at any given time. 
  6. Floor lamp – Game is done – This floor lamp is as grand as it gets. With two matte-brown finished columns housing the LED light, this contemporary lighting fixture has a design that’s easy on the eyes and offers a high functionality quotient too. 

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