09 updates that can make your tiny bathroom look big

09 updates that can make your tiny bathroom look big

Having tiny bathrooms leads to disappointments. Do you also have limited bathroom space? Do you need some design inspiration? Well, a few updates can make a visible difference, regardless of the size of your bathroom. You can surely turn your old and tiny space into a stylish and spacious one. From floor to walls to vanity tops, every little detail can produce desirable outcomes.

Furthermore, take out your notepads if you are ready for some extensive bathroom renovation. Here are some great ideas and updates for your limited bath space. So, be creative and double the functionality with the tips below: 

  1. Opt for light colors
  2. Incorporate glass in it
  3. Be creative with the mirrors
  4. Opt for a floating vanity sink
  5. Make an impression with tiles
  6. Use wall-mounted cabinets
  7. Infuse a green zone
  8. Add stylish hardware
  9. Ensure bathroom lighting
  • Opt for light colors:

Light color tones are the key to creating an illusion of spaciousness. It is a tried and tested trick that comes from great home designing experts and psychologists alike for kitchen cabinetry. So, opt for light colors in décor if you want to brighten up the room. Keep the walls, tiles, floors in white or any pastel color. Cream/off-white is the best color choice to offer depth and flair to your tiny bath space. You will feel it roomy than you are once it reflects natural light.

  • Integrate glass:

Yes, you heard it right! Glass partitions are the next best thing to make any room look and feel larger than reality. However, many people tend to ignore the essence of glass doors. Additionally, it is a great way to add style and functionality to your bath space. For instance, you can fix a glass partition for a shower area. It not only appears stylish but also prevents water from wetting the entire floor. 

  • Be creative with the mirrors:

Just like glasses, mirrors can also take your bath interior to another level of sophistication. Well, no bathroom is complete without a mirror. Moreover, it is not only for styling purposes- it is much more functional than you may imagine. So, style your bath space with wall-mounted vanity mirrors and feel the change.

  • Opt for a floating vanity sink:

A floating bathroom vanity sink is the best thing you can do to your small bath space. It is stylish, compact, and leaves bonus space for more storage. On the other hand, a ground vanity sink takes up more space and leaves less room for toiletries. In this case, you should pick a floating vanity with a porcelain bowl on the top. It will give a spa-like visual appeal to your space. 

  • Make an impression with tiles:

Indeed, tiles are the top choice for bathrooms regardless of their size. That is why it is much better to opt for white tiles than patterned or colored ones. Thanks to the sturdy and stylish tiles, you can make a great impression with fewer decorations. In addition, extend the floor tiles to the walls and shower surrounds. In this way, you can create a sense of spaciousness in your bathroom. 

  • Use wall-mounted cabinets:

In addition to tiles and mounted vanity sinks, wall-mounted cabinetry can take your bathroom to a level of perfection. So, look for order kitchen cabinets online and use them in your bathroom as a vanity. Moreover, it will occupy very little of the room. Also, it will add more to your storage space. Keep in mind that a clear floor is perfect for updating the look of any room. 

  • Infuse a green zone:

You might be thinking that plants occupy much of the space. Believe it or not, a green zone can bring freshness and natural touch to your regular bath space. But, you have to provide some natural light to the plants. And choose plants that can handle humidity. 

  • Add stylish hardware:

Like cabinets, sinks, and tiles, hardware is the next best thing to add style and aroma to your bathrooms. So, go for stylish hardware with these vanity cabinets. This detailing will upgrade your bathroom in no time. Moreover, there are many low-cost options in cabinet hardware that will work for you.

  • Ensure bathroom lighting:

Many of us overlook the essence of bathroom lighting. Inadequate lights can lead to a dark and small bathroom space. Likewise, your kitchen cabinets near me will look dull in low lighting. So, make sure that your kitchen and bathroom get both natural and electrical lights. Adding a skylight is also a good idea


Small bathrooms can be irritating, but they are nothing to be embarrassed over. You can make your tiny space look bigger with any of these nine updates. Consider using light colors, more lighting, and white tiles. In addition, opt for wall-mounted cabinets and vanity sinks. Also, use glass in the shower area and feel the change. 

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