Why Gold Jewelry Will Always Be Popular?

Why Gold Jewelry Will Always Be Popular?

Gold has always been popular since ancient civilizations, from the Egyptians to Inca, from Victorian to Colonial times. Maybe it’s the shine and glamor of wearing gold or its rarity; it has been a part of the social construct to value gold above most others, especially used as an exchange for value when bartering or exchanging goods and services. It has become a symbol of love for couples and a good investment as it holds its value.

Let’s discuss some crucial points in detail why gold always has and always will maintain its popularity and not just in a gold jewelry store everywhere, both offline and online.

Good Value for Investment

Some might argue that paper money has more value and is the money of choice. Most forget that we always have printed paper money against gold reserves. Those countries and states who print extra money to have financial power always have created bubbles that cause financial depressions, as seen in history.

Gold, a rarer metal and a physical commodity while always holding a physical value, can be used in raw form and jewelry. This ease of use makes this precious metal a great value to invest in as it always has stable value, not like the paper money that constantly fluctuates.

Making a Statement

Human beings have always been social and cultural animals. We want to show off as much as we can, whether it’s our good lifestyle or the assets we own, or even our beauty. What better symbol to show off than gold jewelry? Since the age of social media and the entertainment industry, celebrities have worn expensive gold items to show their wealth. The masses then follow these trends as statement jewelry pieces.

Gold statement pieces have always had a strong effect, whether they make others like us more or satisfy our lust.

Sentimental Value

Gold jewelry undoubtedly can enhance the beauty of a woman’s features. Even a simple gold earring or a chain adds color and glitter to a woman’s outlook, which is why women expect their partners to gift them gold on special occasions. Our social construct revolves around this sentimentality.

No wonder you choose a gold ring when proposing above all others as you want this occasion to be perfect and get a yes as an answer. Proposing itself is a remarkable feat on its own and a big decision to make. It’s just that the glitter of gold adds so much into the proposal that it is now customary rather than showing your love and commitment.

New Trends

Every year, new and more amazing trends grace the fashion industry. Technological advancement helps designers present more intricate designs with increased complexity and elegance that are always new and hot.

New designs are often a product of what is most popular these days. For example, the moment a TV season becomes popular and breaks the popularity barrier, jewelry becomes the hottest trend. Shows like Game of Thrones and Ertugrul the Resurrection broke popularity barriers and many countries. Everyone wanted to wear jewelry worn in these shows, right down to the hairstyles and makeup.

Different Color Options

The ability to choose different colors of gold to enhance your personality and compliment your skin tone is a win-win in our books. Not just that, you can always mix and match different metals with a pure gold focal piece to add more charm. These options allow you to wear them with different clothes on many occasions.

You can match these colors with other precious stones like pearls and diamonds to complete your gold jewelry. The rose gold can have so many shades that it can be matched with ruby, garnet, etc., matching with any dress of complimenting shades.

Health Benefits

Isn’t it surprising that your love of wearing gold can now give you health benefits if worn right? Gold can now provide you with added health benefits on top of enhancing your beauty. Some of the great benefits of gold are:

Regulating the Body Temperature – Gold is naturally known to regulate body temperature for people struggling with chills, hot flashes, etc., which is healthy for a woman going through menopause.

Treatment of Soreness – In older times, naturally occurring gold had been used to treat soreness and sometimes even heal wounds. The metal can prevent infection of the wound.

Cheering Up – The positive energy emanated by a gold piece can always cheer you up whenever you feel down. It further helps if you add your birthstone to your jewelry as it brings soothing vibrations to heal your soul and relaxes your body.

Reduction of Stress and Anxiety – Wearing jewelry can make you feel better, especially during a gloomy mood, and boost confidence.

Skin Treatment – It is believed that Cleopatra used to wear only gold sometimes as her attire to stop her aging. Most believe that is why we knew her as the epitome of beauty. You can find similar trends in the Roman era of using gold salves to treat infections and wounds.

Boosting Immunity – In some, you can use gold to ward off the evil eye and, in some diseases, pathogens. This adds another layer of immunity to your body.


We as human beings can have very narrow perceptions when it comes to acquiring material possessions. Most of the time, we only go for something if it is extremely popular or all glitter and shine. The more you know about something, the more benefits you will learn. When you know gold is not just a statement piece, it is also a good investment and holds great health benefits; you won’t hesitate to buy an expensive piece. You will even love to buy your partner a great expensive jewelry item to show your love and care.

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