Why air spring suspension?

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Air spring suspension system is different from traditional spring suspension in many aspects. Also known as rigid spring suspensions, conventional spring suspensions include coil spring, leaf spring, and hydropneumatic rigid suspension.

Compared with the latter ones, many automakers prefer air springs. Customers can get high quality EMO airbag suspension or aftermarket products from vigorairride. Either way, air suspensions must own certain benefits that attract people. Otherwise, air suspension kit won’t be so popular these years.

Traditional ones like leaf suspension system and coil suspension system are still widely used in vehicles today. Honestly speaking, both air suspensions and rigid suspensions have its merits and drawbacks. However, people usually regard air spring suspension as a replacement of the other. Perhaps that’s the main reason why it’s gaining popularity.

To understand why some people prefer air spring suspensions, we need to have an overall comparison first. Below you will find some great sources to get a clear picture of the differences in between.

car spring

Air suspension system

1. Components: Air suspensions consist of compressor, air springs, sensors (height/pressure/temperature sensor), valves (lift control valve, relief valve and return valve), electronic control units, supply line, and so on. Different models or types might contain different parts.

2. Type of springs: Air suspensions use air springs or air bellows. Fact is air spring suspension incorporates air bags into the suspension system. Thus those bags take the place of the traditional components like steel coil springs.

3. Control devices: Airbag suspension often contains some automatic control devices. Drivers can control it simply by pushing a button.

4. Noise: Air springs won’t produce much noise.

5. Springing rate: The springing rate between laden and unladen conditions is low, at a mild rate.

6. Stiffness: The stiffness of air suspension systems increase with an increase deflection.

7. Application: American people used to use air suspension system on heavy aircraft during World War II. It is seen in different vehicles nowadays, especially luxury sports cars. Automakers use it in all kinds of cars as well.

8. Ride experience: Air suspensions can provide a comfortable journey for both the driver and passengers in it. That is to say, you probably won’t feel too tired after a long journey.

Traditional suspension systems

1. Components: Rigid suspension system consists of leaf spring, coil spring, shock absorber, shackle joint, bracket, etc.

2. Type of springs: Rigid suspension uses leaf springs or coil spring or both. These are the traditional springs.

3. Control devices: Unfortunately, this kind of suspension system has no automatic control devices.

4. Noise: You may be able to hear a certain level of noise, especially in some off-road conditions.

5. Springing rate: Rigid suspension system shows a obvious springing rate with changing loads.

6. Stiffness: Stiffness decreases with an increase in deflection.

7. Application: Heavy and medium-duty vehicles, passenger cars, etc.

8. Ride experience: After a long trip, the driver as well as the passengers is more likely to felt tired.

After getting the whole specifications of the suspensions, the better features stand out. Then it’s not hard to decide which kind of suspension you prefer. So let’s have a good look at the advantages air spring suspension has to offer.

Advantage of air spring suspension

From above, we can see that different types of suspensions have different characteristics. Additionally, now it’s clear what benefits air springs offer.

In most cases, an air spring suspension system can improve the ride of the vehicle. In other words, it is most likely to level up your driving quality: more comfortable and much safer. To be more specific, some detailed advantages are listed below.

1. Comfort: Air suspensions remove traditional metal springs. And they allow a smoother and steadier ride. On the one hand, air spring suspension system ensures effective reduction in noise. On the other hand, both the driver and passengers won’t suffer harshness and vibration. Because air ride bags or air springs makes it kind of like floating on a cushion of air. Additionally, it can automatically adjust the air pressure inside of the airbags suspension. As a result, your ride is going to be way more comfortable.

2. Speed: Air spring allows you to achieve higher and steady corner speeds. Well, it ensures a steady turning, which is also safer as well. Moreover, this can lead to time-saving on routes with many turns.

3. Safety: Air suspensions can automatically adjust the ride height based on the vehicle’s speed and the weight of the loads. Thus it helps avoid too much vibration. And such kind of effect is more obvious when you drive in off-road conditions. So air springs could improve your safety.

4. Stability: Airbags suspension system uses air as spring medium. And these airbags are made of textile-reinforced rubber, which is durable, stable and flexible. Compressed air helps support the weight of the vehicle and its loads. The springing rate varies much less between laden and unladen conditions than conventional springs. The flexibility of air springs, in turn, improves the stability of the vehicle.

5. Durability: Thanks to the components, air suspensions often last much longer. Moreover, they don’t even need lubrication. Because there is less wear and tear on air spring suspension system.

In conclusion, air spring suspension system is mostly like to provide you with an excellent ride experience. There will be less noise or vibration. It is going to be quiet, smooth and safe.

Yet, air suspension has its drawbacks. For example, it often cost more to purchase one, and the maintenance fee is higher too. And one more issue is that air suspension system calls for more space.

What’s your opinion? Do you think the benefits outweigh the drawbacks? I believe so. Though it is costly, yet it certainly makes your driving experience much comfortable. I assume your comfort matters most. That’s why people prefer air spring suspension. FYI, if you need professional advice about air suspensions, vigorairride is here for you. May you a sound and stable vehicle ride with the best aftermarket air suspensions.

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