What is a Smart Building?

A smart building is, to put it simply, any structure that automates and controls functions like heating, ventilation, lighting, and air conditioning using “smart” processes. A smart building system gathers and organizes data using IoT sensors to enhance the performance of an existing building management system. This assists site managers with a number of tasks, including monitoring the operation of all of their assets, reducing energy use, and maximizing space use.

How can a building be made smart?

First and foremost, keep in mind that any building has the potential to be smart. A smart building may be created by integrating smart elements into a new or existing building management system, regardless of the structure’s age, size, or layout.

Contrary to popular belief, smart buildings don’t always need to be ultramodern or expensive. Choosing your goals and making sure you have access to high-quality, trustworthy data are the keys to making a building smart. To ensure that you truly make the most of your created area, we advise starting with the necessities.

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  • Consider installing occupancy and capacity sensors.
  • install air quality monitoring devices indoors
  • Integrate the cloud with your building management system.
  • Start automating desk booking and other tasks using staff applications.
  • Use intelligent upkeep and cleaning techniques.

Benefits of smart Buildings

There are a lot of advantages of smart buildings:

Maintenance Planning

Any piece of machinery or system needs regular upkeep to keep it functioning at peak efficiency and prevent the need for expensive replacements. Smart buildings can forecast when each piece of equipment will need a maintenance check using the data gathered from all linked systems and their sensors, ensuring that nothing is overlooked or forgotten.

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Automation is made possible since all devices and systems are connected, communicating, and working together. The capacity to implement unique automation is a key advantage of smart buildings. It is not only more effective, but it may also increase tenant safety in an emergency. For instance, if a break-in was discovered on the security system after hours, lighting could be automatically turned on in that area, access control could be set up to obstruct the intruders’ escape route, and emergency services could be summoned – all completely automatically and without requiring any human intervention.

Lower total costs

Costs are decreased by a more efficient building as a result of better, more informed, and frequently automated decision-making. One advantage of smart buildings is that you may lower your total expenditures by just utilizing the necessary energy in the portions of the building that are needed.

Enhanced Security

A smart building permits the use of different smart security features and equipment to monitor, control, and safeguard the building, such as smart door locks, alarms, cameras, and more, maximizing the efficacy of a security system. Benefits of having a smart building installation include integration with all other systems, the ability to automate procedures in the case of an emergency, and the ability to provide crucial building insights.

Value of Assets Rising

Due to the smart technology and apps that have been implemented within the building and the overall advantages they offer, converting a conventional structure into a smart buildings can raise its worth. Tenants and companies greatly value smart buildings since they are simple to maintain and have the potential to cut energy consumption and enhance energy efficiency.

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