What are the benefits of mango leaves?

Mango, the King of fruits, is also one of the favorite fruits of the majority of people in India. You can find several varieties of mangoes in India and each of their taste varies from each other. Although mangoes are known for their taste, their leaves are popular for various health benefits. So, let us check out the several benefits of mango leaves and see how even the leaves can be used after eating the fruit.

Good for skin health

Mango leaves are rich in all those nutrients that are important for the health of our skin. From dryness of the skin to lessening the effect of fine line and signs of ageing, mango leaves do an amazing job in working on these problems. Since the leaves produce collagen, wrinkles and fine lines lessen from the face. Mango leave also help in treating skin infections and skin burns.  These leaves have anthocyanin, which provide instant relief in case of burns.

Solves hair issues

Mango leaves have been in use for a very long time, especially when it is for growing hair rapidly. Since mango leave are rich in Vitamin A and C, these help in collagen production and help in hair growth. Apart from this, your dull hair will start looking shiny if you use mango leaves on them. If you have lately undergone any chemical process on your hair like hair coloring or smoothening, then it is time being friends with mango leave. These leaves will repair the damage to the hair.

Balance blood sugar level

It is one of the best things that the diabetic patients can have to balance the sugar level in their blood. Mango leave have tannins called anthocyanidins. This helps in treating early diabetes. This means those who are on borderline diabetes can start consuming mango leaves. You can boil some water and put two to three mango leaves in it. Now let the water cool down and this should be the first thing you drink in an empty stomach.

Balance high blood pressure

Due to the hypotensive properties, mango leaves are known for balancing blood pressure. Mango leaves help in making the blood vessels strong as well as healthy. These leaves are also very good in treating varicose veins.

Help in weight loss

According to some studies, mango leaves help in reducing weight. These leaves promote metabolism, and as a result help in reducing weight.

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Treat stomach ulcers

Mango leaves help in treating a very serious health issue like stomach ulcers. As a matter of fact, if you are getting stubborn hiccups, drinking boiled water of mango leaves can help reducing them. You can even burn some mango leaves and inhale the smoke to get rid of hiccups.

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