Some Of The Easy Ways Through Which You Can Reuse Discarded Water From RO Water Purifier

Some Of The Easy Ways Through Which You Can Reuse Discarded Water From RO Water Purifier

Nowadays, whatever we do, we take the help of different modernized technologies. Especially if we talk about having access to clean and fresh water, advanced water purifiers like the RO, UV+RO purifiers, or filters with activated carbon are ruling the market now. You must have heard that an RO water purifier is presently the most trusted and widely used water purifier in India.

With the increase in water pollution levels, these types of water purifiers are highly preferred by people to safeguard their families. However, one of the problems of using this RO water purifier is that a certain amount of water is wasted in purification. So if you are looking for a water purifier for your home, you can take a look at some of the innovative ways through which you can reuse this discarded water from the purifier and prevent wastage.

Check Out Some Innovative Ways Of Reusing Discarded RO Water

Reverse osmosis systems or RO water purifiers are the most commonly used purifiers in recent times. This is because they provide you with the purest form of water, thereby protecting you from life-threatening waterborne diseases. So if you are looking for the best water purifier in Bangalore, you can look at some of these points, which will give you an idea of how you can prevent wastage of discarded water from your water purifier.

Let us discuss some of the ways through which you can easily conserve water that gets discarded in the process of purification:

Use It For Mopping & Cleaning Purposes

This is something that we all need to do daily. However, we do not realize that a lot of water gets wasted in the process. Also, for these purposes, we do not require purified water. Therefore, we can use the discarded water from the RO water purifiers. It will indeed save liters of water every day.

So you can just remain a bit mindful while cleaning and mopping so that you remember to replace the freshwater with the discarded water.

Use It For Washing Cars

Do you know how much freshwater is wasted for a single wash every day? If you are using a bucket, it is around 14 liters, and if it is a hosepipe, the usage is even more. It can be about 75 liters. So you can well imagine the tremendous amount of fresh water you use every day.

Since we are at the brink of a severe water crisis, we might not have access to fresh water in the near future if we keep wasting such enormous amounts of water. Therefore, you can reuse the discarded water from the RO water purifiers and complete your car washing. So if you are purchasing a water purifier for home, you can indeed apply this to reduce wastage of water.

Reuse It To Water Your Garden

This is one of the ways through which you can prevent water wastage. We all need to water our plants every day; however, we often use purified water in such cases. So every day, we use enormous amounts of water to water the plants in our garden.

However, if you store the discarded water from the RO water purifiers, you can indeed conserve a lot of water. Also, most plants can easily grow with water TDS levels ranging up to 2000 ppm. So you don’t need to worry whether it will harm the growth of the plants or not in the process.

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Use It To Wash Utensils

Using the discarded water from RO water purifiers to wash utensils can indeed be a great way to reuse the water. This is because mostly the wastewater pipe is placed near the kitchen sink, and therefore, it can easily be used for cleaning dishes and other utensils.

So if you have, till now, washed your utensils with the tap water, it is time you bring a change in it and instead wash your dishes with that discarded water. This will help you save water to a great extent.

Reuse It For Your Water Coolers

Often in summer, we need water coolers to comfort ourselves from the scorching heat. However, we tend to use fresh water, which cools down the room’s temperature. Instead, we can just mix some tap water with the discarded wastewater from the RO purifiers and use it in the water cooler. It will provide you with the same experience, but you will be saving vast quantities of fresh water in the process.

Use It In Cleaning Toilets

Another major area where clean water is used is the toilet flush in our modern-day homes. Do you know around 5 to 7 liters of clean water is sent down the drain by a single flush?

However, we can avoid it by reusing the discarded water from the RO purifiers. This wastewater can be effectively used in flushing toilets and cleaning the bathroom. So in this way, you can take the initiative to save hundreds of liters of water every day at each of our homes.

Use It In Pre-Rinsing Laundry

We all use a lot of water for cleaning our laundry daily, right? Nowadays, most of our homes have washing machines. However, we do not realize that we use a lot of fresh water in the process. So to avoid it, you can reuse the discarded wastewater from your RO water purifier and save the pure water.

Ending Note

As we conclude, we can say that conserving water is something we all need to do whenever possible. By saving a few liters in our homes, we can prevent a severe water crisis in the future. So if you are looking for the best water purifier in Bangalore, you can check out this blog. 

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